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Sale swimming club AGM

26/05/2018 (05:00 PM) - 26/05/2018 (06:30 PM)
May, 26 2018



Committee positions for 2018-19 season

There are several members on the committee which have served our club for several years and who are choosing to move on at the end of the season.  Whilst we thank them for their service to the club and the skills and knowledge they have brought, it is time for some other members of our Swim Club family to step up and take a roll on the committee. 

All committee positions are declared vacant at the end of the season for people to nominate to fill that role.  If there is more than one nomination then that role goes to a vote by all members present at the AGM.








President: Attend and chair monthly Committee meetings (currently held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00p.m. in the Club Rooms). Attend, whenever possible, the monthly Gippsland Swimming Inc. (GSI) meetings. Represent Sale Swimming Club Inc. at all functions. Liaise with coaches, Club members/parents and Committee members. Delegate duties as required. Liaise with Wellington Shire for pool hire/space etc. Provide, at least, an annual report at the AGM.   Book pools for events once fixture is set by GSI at beginning of the season.


Vice President: Attend monthly Committee meetings.  Assist the President in all duties.  Stand in if the President is unable to attend any meeting or function.  Manage the sponsorship program and annual club camp.


Secretary: Attend and minute monthly Committee meetings, and then distribute Minutes to all Club members/parents. Complete Agendas for monthly Committee meetings, and then distribute to all Club members/parents. Attend, whenever possible, the monthly GSI meetings. Collect incoming correspondence from the Club Post Office Box, and distribute as appropriate. Respond to all correspondence and write formal letters as required on behalf of the Club.


Treasurer/Public Officer:

Be accountable for all of Sale Swimming Club finances including:

  • Preparation of monthly profit and loss report, comparing actual to budget.
  • Prepare and present full year profit and loss report the AGM in line with constitutional and Consumer Affairs Victoria requirements.
  • Prepare a budget for the coming year.
  • Pay suppliers, including ATO and Superannuation requirements in a timely manner.
  • Receive money collected in a timely manner to approved Sale Swimming Club bank accounts.


Member Registrar: Attend monthly Committee meetings. Maintain Member Registration portal (Clublane), including:

  • Maintaining portal for membership fees, swimmers categories and membership types.
  • Activate paid up members;
  • Liaise with coaches, team manager and treasurer to ensure all swimmers are registered.


Chief Team Manager:

  • Update and maintain Athlete Register in Team Manager
  • Update/upload and maintain Athletes into Care Monkey Program
  • Import results from swim meets attended throughout short course and long course season
  • Prepare Meet Results Reports and forward to Head Coach, Coaches and Publicity Officer after each meet. 
  • Prepare relay entries for meets for Head Coach for consideration
  • Spend time with Head Coach finalising relay teams for States and Countries and then exporting TM file to relevant authorities on behalf of Sale Swimming Club.
  • Attending to filing of scratchings and relay teams at all meets
  • Organising setup of online entry process for Oil City.
  • Putting together relay teams for Assistant Team Managers at local meets (GSI)
  • Liaise with Treasurer re costs for entering relay teams at State and Country Championship events
  • Preparation and finalising results for Trophy Presentation Night and providing information to Trophy Registrar
  • Providing results for Records Officer to complete Club Records.
  • Liaise with Member Registrar when required
  • Assist new club members with entering online entries
  • Providing Coaches with reports for Top Times when requested.
  • Attend monthly committee meetings
  • Assist Head Coach by gathering all swimmers for relays at Country Championships, Gippsland Championship and GSI meets
  • Collecting DQ slips at meets
  • Ensuring that there is a Team Manager at all Local meets


New Parent Officer:

  • Attend monthly Committee meetings.
  • Attend the Registration Night for the new Season.
  • Arrange a New Parents’ Night in liaison with the President and the Committee in order to explain the GSI and SVI fixture guides, and the Swim Meets the Club may be involved in.
  •  Attend as many evening training sessions as possible for the first eight weeks of the new Season and then at least on a fortnightly basis.
  • Make yourself known to new members/parents of the Club, and introduce them to other Club members/parents.
  • Assist new members/parents of the Club to understand the organisation and the aims of the Club.
  • Assist new members/parents of the Club to enter Swim Meets.  
  • Assist new members/parents of the Club at Swim Meets to understand the steps required to swim/compete.

Consider delegating to a significant portion of this role to ‘Squad Parent Managers’.


Grievance Officer: Attend monthly Committee meetings. Attend training sessions on a regular basis to become known to Club members/parents. Deal with written grievances, and mediate resolutions. Be familiar with the SVI Member Protection Policy.


Member Protection Officer: Attend monthly Committee meetings. Attend training sessions on a regular basis to become known to Club members/parents. Deal with written grievances, and mediate resolutions. Be familiar with the SVI Member Protection Policy. Basically a back up for the above, or alternative contact point, as appropriate.


Responsible for implementing of, and compliance to legislative and SVI requirements such as Child Safety.




Assistant Team Managers x 2: Assist the Chief Team Manager in all duties.


Squad Parent Managers: (x3?) To assist the New Parent Officer communicate to new swimmers/families and to also provide a feedback channel to the committee.


Assistant Catering Officers x 3: Assist the Catering Officer in all duties.


External Communications Officer: 

Promote the club though coordination of all external communications including:

  • Generating newsworthy submissions for local media outlets (Newspaper, Radio, Television)
  • Website/Social Media Releases
  • Maintain Social Media Platform and Website


Internal Communications Officer:

Coordinate internal communications including:

  • Club noticeboard
  • Internal Social Media communication (including communication platforms such as TeamApp)
  • Timely production of Information Booklet to assist new club members understand the club.
  • Weekly Newsletter.


Publicity Officer/Newsletter: Attend monthly Committee meetings. Gain as much publicity for the Club as possible in the media, swim schools, local schools etc. in order to increase Club membership and promote the Club. Ensure all Swim Meet results and any other items of public interest are published in the local media. Maintain the Club Notice Board with up to date information. Maintain and update Club Room displays of photos, articles of interest etc. Liaise with the Website Manager in order to provide relevant up to date information for the Website. Compile and distribute a monthly Newsletter.


Catering Officer: Attend and, when required, present a report at the monthly Committee meetings. Organise all aspects of catering for Swim Meets, Pasta/Pizza Nights, Clinics, Camps, AGM etc. during the Season, and record these in the Catering Book. Maintain Club Room cleanliness and the catering supplies. Adhere to Dept of Health Food Handling Guidelines. Liaise with the Treasurer re budget for catering.


Website Manager: Produce material on the Club Website detailed such to compliment the efficient running of the Club. Liaise with the Publicity Officer in order to provide relevant up to date information for the Website.


Meet Coordinator/Director

  • Coordinate duties and responsibilities of club members.
  • Coordinate equipment and set-up requirements
  • Manage site on race-day, including completion and sign-off of JLT Meet Checklist.


Photo Coordinator/Archivist

Maintain and update photo displays and articles of interest etc.  Archive electronic and physical photographs and publications of the club.


Training Fee Officers x 3: Correctly mark the Attendance Role of swimmers at training sessions. Collect training fees at these training sessions. On a weekly basis, pass all collected training fees to the Treasurer with written details of the payments. Liaise with the Treasurer and Club members/parents.


Records Officer: Ensure Club Records are maintained and up to date. Provide Records for the Club Notice Board. Issue Record Certificates to Sale Swimmers. Liaise with the Chief Team Manager.


Trophy Registrar: Keep a record of all Trophy Recipients. Collect Perpetual Trophies from previous winners in March, and check that these trophies do not need replacing, repairing or cleaning prior to the AGM. Advise the President if any of the trophies need to be replaced. Be a member of the Trophy Selection Committee. Select, purchase and suitably engrave the medals and trophies to be presented at the AGM and Oil City Meet. Assist the President with the presentations at the AGM.


Equipment Officer: Maintain a Register of the equipment owned by the Club, and update when new purchases are made. Ensure, on a regular basis, that all equipment is available for use and is in sound working order.


Clothing Officer: Maintain an adequate supply of Sale Swimming Club Inc. shirts, caps and mesh training bags for Club members. Liaise with the suppliers of these items, Club members/parents and the Treasurer.


Grants Officer:  Apply for grants to assist the club.  Predominately focussed on obtaining grants for capital items, uniforms and funding programs focussed on development of coaches and swimmers.


Social Coordinator: To assemble a social sub-committee to arrange club social events including:

  • Christmas Party,
  • after major meet get-togethers,
  • club dinner at Country Championships (SC&LC),
  • Presentation Night; and
  • any other social/fundraising events as deemed appropriate.