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Lear to Swim ( two indoor heated pools)

Please contact our learn to swim program and its manager Joy


Ph: 49261515

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 Club training

New swimmers are admitted to CQ Aquajets Swim Club any time during the year.  New swimmers to the program are invited to come to the North Side pool (330-360 Berserker St.) for a swim evaluation. Upon completion of the evaluation you will be assigned a swim group.  Registration can begin at that time.  For more information regarding assessment test for the club please call coach Val on 0468896156

Assessment:  Your child will be asked to demonstrate all the strokes he/she knows.  As this is an assessment test he/she can’t fail.  After the evaluation, your child will be assigned a swim squad. If he/she does not meet the minimal expectations of our Bronze Squad, you will be offered entry into our swim school.

Whatever squad your child is assigned, please note they will continue to be assessed by our coach.  Swimmers who may have under performed at their initial assessment test may be promoted or swimmers who struggled with the group requirements, may be reassigned to an easier squad or swim school.



All swimmers require a water bottle.

Swimmers doing any dry land training will be required to wear suitable clothing for participating in training in the gym. Such as clothing that allows free movement comfortably. All children must also wear suitable joggers and socks into the gym.

Please approach the coach regarding any equipment your child may require. Generally all swimmers require a pair of swimmers, a pair of goggles, a set of fins, a kickboard and pull buoy. The gold squads may also require finger paddles and snorkel.

Green Squad (55$per month, one session per week on Bronze squad timetable) 

Bronze Squad (70$ per month, 4 weekly sessions offered)      


Swim practices are held at the North Side Aquatic Facilities.  The Bronze squad is for swimmers who are proficient in the four competitive strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.  As a beginning competitive group, Bronze swimmers continue to develop starts and turns as well as perfect their technique, increase endurance, and learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming.  Attendance at swim carnivals is encouraged but not required. 


Silver Squad ($90 per month, 6**  weekly sessions offered )


Swim practices are held at the North Side Aquatic Facilities. Silver squad is the step from lightly competitive swimming to highly competitive. Although the group continues to work on the basics, everything about the group is designed to encourage the swimmers to compete.  This group trains ~1.30 hours daily plus has an additional ½ hour of dryland exercise.  Practices are offered up to 6 times a week. Swim carnivals attendance is encouraged and all swimmers in this group are enrolled in our coordinated meet entry system. Silver Squad offers specific stroke instruction along with an introduction to some of the most modern training techniques available.


Gold Squad ($110 per month, 9 weekly session offered)


Swim practices are held at the North Side Aquatic Facilities. The primary focus of this squad is to learn to train for advanced competitive swimming and to develop the athlete’s aerobic capacity.  Length of training sessions increase as well as training volume with an increased focus on stretching routines, core strength and foundational strength.  Swimmers continue to focus on efficient strokes whilst developing a competitive attitude and learning fundamental race strategies.  They are encouraged to attend all scheduled interclub swim meets including State Short Course and Long Course competitions and are aiming to qualify for Age Nationals.


**Coach may invite swimmer to more sessions