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Welcome to all our swimmers and families to the 2018/2019 swimming season.  While I understand we have been back in the pool training for nearly two weeks, with the AGM occurring last Saturday we have a new committee to officially start the season.   Hence I thought I would send a welcome message and cover a few housekeeping things.


Thank you to all the families who came to the AGM on Saturday afternoon.  It was great to see so many new faces and interested people there.   And a huge thankyou to the people who put their hand up to volunteer their time by taking a committee position to make sure that our club keeps running.  Shortly our updated club information booklet will be up on the website but I will list below the main committee positions.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries

President: Allison Ross

Vice President: Natasha French

Secretary:  Bree Burton

Treasurer: Kylie Dingwall

New parent officer:  Kylie Watson

Member protection: Tony Anderson

Member Registrar: Melissa Van Ekeren

Team Manager:  Alison Tatterson

Grievance Officer: Miriam Ripper

Coaching coordinator:  Rod Tatterson


Please be aware that the coaches are there to coach your swimmers.  Please do not approach them during training to speak with them.  If you need to do that please approach them after the session or make a time.  If there is something that you feel you cannot discuss with your coach please email Sam Abbas on or our coaching coordinator on

Competition calendar

During one of the coaches meeting discussions were had around the current GSI fixture and which swim meets to target for their squads.These targeted meets have been colour coded on the calendar.  The assigned duty coach is also listed on the calendar. The duty coach is the coach in charge for the meet, and the coach to go to if your own coach is not there.  Of note – if the meet is not listed on this calendar then we will not be supplying a duty coach for the meet. 


We are initially going to trial not sending a weekly newsletter, rather we are going to see if using the team feed function on OnDeck works better.  Please let me know if you feel that this is not working.

Vacant committee positions.

There are still a couple of positions vacant on the committee.  The main vacancy is catering.  This is a great position for a couple of people to do together, and is a great way to contribute to the club.  You do not need to attend committee meetings if that is too much commitment.  It is also not a role that you need to spend the whole day in the kitchen at meets, but the role is designed to be the coordinator of the catering and on day set up, rather than do all the work.  If you think you would like to help out with this role please contact me.


The Club is always open to new sponsorship opportunities and I encourage you to consider whether your business or a business you know may be in a position to support Sale swimming club.  If there’s an arrangement you think could be of benefit to the Club and to the business, please get in touch with me.

I would like to wish everyone a successful 2018/19 season.  If anyone has any suggestions or feedback or concerns please feel free to contact me on either the presidents email address ( or on my personal email ( or by phone on 0408 136945


Kind Regards

Allison Ross


President – Sale swimming club