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Presidents newsletter

Monday 16th July, 2018

Dear All,

Well done to all the Sale Swimmers who either headed to Melbourne or Morwell on the weekend to swim.  It was great to see the photos of happy faces from both meets.  From all reports there were some great swims done by all our swimmers with lots of PB's. 

Choccy Frog night

Well the choccy frogs have been purchased, and the pizza shop alerted to our plans. If you haven't hit the RSVP button on OnDeck to let us know you are coming please do so.  After all, we don't want to run our of choccy frogs or pizza!!  The programme was sent out last week.  We do ask that all our swimmers chose either a 25m race or 50m race in each stroke.  We do need to get the through the races before the pool closes and the pizza goes cold! 

Oil City meet

As you are aware our Oil City meet is on the 5th August.  As this is our home meet we request that all our swimmers enter the meet to support our club.  Can you please have a chat to your coach to see what races they want you to enter.  Shortly the job roster and food donation list will be opened up so that you can volunteer for these.

Oil City Catering

As most of you will be aware we were not lucky enough to have anyone volunteer to be the catering coordinator for this season.  So at the last committee meeting it was decided that the catering role coordinator will be shared equally between our training groups.  The Junior and  Country groups volunteered to take on Oil City.  Thank you to Natasha French and Kylie Watson for helping with this - please talk to these ladies to find out what you can do to help.

Country 7 - 12's meet (formally 7-10's)

This year Swimming Victoria have changed the 7-10's competition to 7-12's.  For those of you who are new to the club this Gippsland Swimming select swimmers to represent GSI in Melbourne against the other country districts. The selection is based on times.  On the Gippsland Swimming website there is a list of the swim meets that will act as qualifying times for selection. Head to the about tab and look under D21teams.  Closer to the date of the meet Gippsland swimming will ask for nominations from swimmers to swim at this meet.  I will let you know when the nominations are open.

Latrobe City cup

The Latrobe city cup swim meet is on this Sunday at Morwell.  This meet was targeted by our coaches for all our squads to go to. Entries close at 5.00pm on Thursday 19th July.  Please have a chat to your coaches about what to swim.

Banking details for invoices 

All the invoices for the first  half of the season have been sent out.  If you need to have the banking details emailed through to you please email the Kylie Dingwall on


Kind Regards