NSW Open States - Road Trip!

It was a very early morning at PARC in Frankston where the 8 swimmers and team Coach packed the van, said their goodbyes and headed off to Sydney.

The day before the 8 swimmers were presented with a gift from the Flyers committee. These gifts were handed out by two of the clubs young up and coming swimmers, Brayden Miles and Nia Evans. Both have also contributed to the GoFundMe fundraiser set up by a few of the parents whose kids are training and racing to compete at the 2016 Olympic Trials in April.

The small team of swimmers left PARC at 4:15am and on the way through collected Coach Nathan at the Melbourne airport with his road trip quiz in hand.

This quiz provided hours of entertainment from taking photos of any Ron Finemore red trucks to answering questions such as "can a blind person fall in love at first sight?"

We took regular breaks so the swimmers could stretch at various small town rest stops. Once we arrived in Sydney it was off to the pool for a 3km warm up and stretching session.

At the hotel we checked into our apartments and went to the mall to shop for food for the weekend. That's right, swimmers had to be self sufficient and cook for them selves making sure they manage their apartments as a team in such a way that they are all able to swim their best on race day.