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The Chlorine Chronicle 03/01/2019

 Dear All,

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year Period.  Good luck to the swimmers who are swimming at Traralgon Last Blast this weekend


1. Important dates for the diary

Saturday 5th of January   GSI meet 8 Last Blast

Saturday 12th and 13th of January, Victorian Sprint Championships

General Committee meeting Wednesday16th January


2 .  11 and under swim suit rule.

The swim suit rule is now in place.  Swimmers have been given plenty on notification to know what is appropriate attire.

This swim suit rule will be enforced at GSI meets.


Please note swimmers are only allowed to wear one pair of bathers.  Please ensure that your swimmer is not wearing for example a bikini top under a one piece or underwear under their bathers.


3. GSI Meet 8 Last Blast

Date:          Saturday 5th January, 2019

Swimmers to be at pool 8.30am

Photo:        8.45 am

Warm Up: Land warm up will be taken by Mel Hobbs (Duty Coach) Team

Marshalling:                 9.45 am

Meet Starts:                 10:00 am

  1. Pre-race talks with coach talks with your Coaches (before &/or after swims)

                    Duty Coach:                  Mel Hobbs (0417 552 726)



                    If your Squad Coach is not on pool deck, please speak to Mel prior                    to your swims.


                    Team Manager:         


                    Kylie Watson (0409446958)

2, UNIFORM: TEAM Club top MUST BE WORN & uniform for team photo.  Please contact Team Managers if you do not have one already.

3.RACING:          Race hard and have fun

  1. MARSHALLING marshal early
  2. THANK PEOPLE – timekeepers, officials, parents, show respect and have manners

Please remember to bring fold up camp chairs to sit on for yourself and your swimmers, warm clothing in case weather is cold and make sure you pack lots of healthy snacks and water for your swimmer to eat/drink.



Drinking:                        Water, Powerade, Gatorade, Smoothies etc

Eating:                           Pasta, rice, fruit, vegetables, bread – keep up the fuel

Rest:                                                   Let your body recover to swim fast




Sing the Club Song LOUD and PROUD !!!!!





OH, HOT TO GO ! (clap, clap)

OH, HOT TO GO ! (clap, clap)



OH, HOT TO GO ! (clap, clap)

OH, HOT TO GO ! (clap, clap)

Give me an S….S, A….A, L….L, E….E



4. 2019 OPTUS Victorian Age LC Championships

The 2019 State Age LC Championships was an amazing 5 day Championship event, such a great experience for all. The Sale Swimmers had some great swims, performing with positive attitudes and etiquette.

The event was an extremely valuable experience. It was a great opportunity to compete against the best swimmers in Victoria along with some competitors from other states of Australia and internationally, namely Japan.

Amongst the many benefits, this experience gave the swimmers an insight to their standing, in comparison to the top level competitors.  Without doubt this would have motivated and inspired them.

There were some amazing swims throughout the week with most swimmers either gaining pb’s  or narrowly missing.

The Sale swimmer of the meet was Arki Vardy with three final placings, an outstanding effort and the PB’s were amazing along with his preparation and focus.

I was very proud to coach the swimmers, their efforts were outstanding.


5. Swimming Code of Conduct

Sale swimming Club have developed a Training Code of Conduct.  In the following weeks your Squad leader will be handing you a copy for your child to read and sign.  Please take the opportunity to talk with your children prior to you signing the Code of Conduct and returning it to your Squad leader. They will also be given a laminated copy to put on your fridge, or to place in their swimming bag as a reminder of behaviour which will not be tolerated.


6. Sale Swim Club Buy/ Sell/ Swap face book page

Sale Swim Club Buy/ Sell/ Swap face book page has been set-up:

It is a place for  Sale Swim Club members to buy, sell or swap your second-hand swimming gear.

Members can request to be added to the page, the link to the page is:


7. Volunteers at swim meets

Swim meets cannot operate without volunteers.  It is sometimes hard to fill all the required positions if we are running a meet but we do need to step up and time keep otherwise meets do not count as qualifying and all the hard work your child does will go to waste.  Imagine breaking their hearts when they don’t get their much wanted country time because you didn’t volunteer.

On a positive note thank you to the parents that signed up on OnDeck prior to the meet and the captains and parents that stepped up on the day.

8. Officials

Just a reminder to all our families that the officials at all swim meets are volunteers.  No officials are paid for their time either here or in Melbourne. The only reward the officials get is the food that we supply them.  A lot of the officials in Gippsland no longer have swimmers involved in the sport.  They give up their weekends so that your swimmers can race in a swim meet and that the time they swim counts as an official time.  Please be understanding at meets if things don’t run to plan or to time.  

Becoming an official

We would like to ask that our families please consider becoming an official themselves.  To become an official you need to complete the online component of the course (this is not hard) and then work with a qualified official to get signed of as competent.  Attached is the link to the course page.  Ideally Sale needs to get more officials trained.  The idea is that we have enough officials that we can run our own swim meet without officials from other clubs.  If you would like to talk about becoming an official please talk to either Allison Ross or Nicky Anderson about this.

9. Club Uniform 

The Sale Swim Club Uniform is available .

If you need any items T-shirts, shorts, trackies, deck jackets or the blanket please contact Deb Hall  on 0412 020145. 

Deb is able to place items on hold and will send payment details

10. Swimmers attending meets outside of GSI

Could parents please make sure that they notify Alison Tatterson if they attend swim meets outside of GSI.  Alison is unable to enter these meet results into the TM database if she does not know that the swimmer has been to the meet.   Please message Alison on 0408471860 with the swimmers name and meet details. 

Nicky Anderson

Communications officer

0412 688 319