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The Chlorine Chronicle - 10/01/2019



The Chlorine Chronicle

Thursday 9th January 2019

Dear Team Sale,

I hope you are all safe and well and our thoughts go out to those who live near the Rosedale fire.  Remember we are a team and if you need help please don’t hesitate to call.

1. Important  dates for the diary

Saturday 12th and 13th of January, Victorian Sprint Championships

General Committee meeting Wednesday16th January

GSI Meet 9 – Moe Saturday 19th January.

2. Training Changes

National and State Swimmers No Training Friday Morning

If you are not swimming at State Sprints training is still on Saturday morning:


National – 6- 8:30 am

State – 6:00 – 8:00 am

State Junior – 6:00 – 7:30 am

Junior: - 6:00 – 7:30 am

Mick H

Country- 7:30 – 8:30 am

Skills Group 8:30 – 9:30 am


3. Long Course Fees

Long course fees are now required to be paid.  Invoices can be obtained from the Team Unify website and OnDeck. 

Invoices will not be sent out individually.


There are still a few Short Course fees outstanding from the winter season. These must be finalised promptly, or your child may not be able to continue training and competing for the remainder of the season. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kylie Dingwall.

4. We need officials Urgently

We would like to ask members of Sale Swimming Club to please consider becoming an official.  To become an official, you need to complete the online component of the course (this is not hard) and then work with a qualified official to get signed off as competent.  Attached is the link to the course page.  Ideally Sale needs to get more officials trained.  The idea is that we have enough officials that we can run our own swim meet without officials from other clubs.  If you would like to talk about becoming an official, please talk to either Allison Ross or Nicky Anderson about this.

5. Chelsea Kent

Our much-loved coach Chelsea finished her coaching duties prior to Christmas to concentrate on making a new member of the Sale Swimming Club.  We thank Chelsea for her contribution to the club as she will be dearly missed especially by her squad and Mick Hatwell.  Chelsea and Rory, we wish you all the best and can’t wait to meet your new member of the family.

5. Traralgon Last Blast

We had a great start to 2019 at the Traralgon meet on Saturday.  

Although it was a cooler day, the pool was still nice and warm for our 15 swimmers. It was great to see all our happy swimmers get in and race hard.

Thanks to Hannah for taking the swimmers through their land warm up. The swimmers all looked happy to be back in the pool after a bit of a Christmas break.

Thanks to parents for helping with timekeeping and setup and pack up. It is always lovely to come back from a warm up session to find the tent set up and organised for coaches and swimmers.

Thanks to Kylie for being our wonderful team manager for the day.  She sure does run a well organised and tight ship!  


6. Victorian Sprint Championships

Good luck to our swimmers heading to MSAC this weekend for State Sprints.  Swimmers representing Sale this weekend are Georgia, Shauna, Ben Hall, Grace Hobs, Katie Kerby, Liam, Zac, Maddison, Charlie Price, Tamiecka, Hannah, Payge, Arki, Kiana and Poppy. 

A separate email will be sent out for your race day requirements.  OnDeck has been updated with the links to Swimming Victoria.


7. Volunteers to help at Countries

The country championships are on from the 25-27th January in Warragul.  As GSI is the host of this meet this year all the clubs will be allocated roles to help with the smooth running of the meet. As a club we will be asking that all parents of swimmers who are participating at countries put their hands up and volunteer for multiple roles to help out our club, as well as our district to run a successful country championships.


8. Lost Property

There is lots of drink bottles and goggles that have been left on the desk at the pool.  The majority are not named.  Can families please have a look at these and take home what is yours. Whatever is left over we will put in the lost property at the pool. 

9. Swimming Code of Conduct

Sale swimming Club have developed a Training Code of Conduct.  In the following weeks your Squad leader will be handing you a copy for your child to read and sign.  Please take the opportunity to talk with your children prior to you signing the Code of Conduct and returning it to your Squad leader. They will also be given a laminated copy to put on your fridge, or to place in their swimming bag as a reminder of behaviour which will not be tolerated.


10. Sale Swim Club Buy/ Sell/ Swap face book page

Sale Swim Club Buy/ Sell/ Swap face book page has been set-up:

It is a place for Sale Swim Club members to buy, sell or swap your second-hand swimming gear.

Members can request to be added to the page, the link to the page is:

11. Club Uniform 

The Sale Swim Club Uniform is available.

If you need any items T-shirts, shorts, trackies, deck jackets or the blanket please contact Deb Hall on 0412 020145. 

Deb is able to place items on hold and will send payment details


12. Swimmers attending meets outside of GSI

Could parents please make sure that they notify Alison Tatterson if they attend swim meets outside of GSI.  Alison is unable to enter these meet results into the TM database if she does not know that the swimmer has been to the meet.   Please message Allison on 0408471860 with the swimmers name and meet details. 


13. Newsletter

Can all items for the newsletter please be sent to Nicky Anderson by Monday including meet reports/ updates. 

Nicky Anderson

Communications officer

0412 688 319