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Australian Open Water Championships - Wrap Up

Day 1 of the Australian Open Water Championships saw Surrey Park swimmers grab a number of medals.  Sebastian Cumins, Sam Warrick and Bethany Robertson secured gold (and national champion titles) in their 10km age group events.  Max Halson won bronze in the boys 17-18 yrs 10km event.  We can be proud of all our swimmers particularly our young girls Phoebe and Sarah who gutsed it out in the last event of the day -th egirls 13yrs 5km event.

Day 2 saw the events focus on the open and 14-18 year age group 5km events.  Max Thorn emerged from the water smiling after his 5km event. (Welcome back Max!) Sebastian Cumins had a fingernail finish to win bronze in the boys 14 yrs 5km event, while Max Halson picked up another bronze in the boys 17-18 yrs 5km event.  Bethany Robertson picked up her second national title of the meet winning the girls 16yrs 5km event.  Kien-Anh Ngo and Alisha McNamara backed up from their 10km events on Saturday to again grab top-ten finishes in their 5km events.  Charlie Thorn and Sam Warrick battled through the 5km event , with Charlie looking more comfortable in the open water than ever before. In the last event of the day Lucy Smithson swam though to also claim a top ten finish in the girls 15 yrs 5km event.

Thanks to the Mike and Amy for their efforts over the weekend as well as to the many parents and siblings that travelled to Sydney to support the team.  We can be all very proud of our team.