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2011 Victorian Open Water Championships/Hazelwood Swim

The 2011 Victorian Open Water Championships (5km and 10km events) and the non-championship 1km and 3km events were held at the Hazelwood Pondage on 15th/16th October.

Surrey Park was well represented on both days of competition and well supported by coaching staff and parents.

The first event was the 5km State Championship.  Surrey Park achieved 14 medals (7 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze).  Medallists were:

  • Phoebe Dammersmith (Gold – Female 13 years 5km)
  • Bethany Robertson (Gold – Female 16 years 5km)
  • Joanne Matthews (Bronze – Female 16 years 5km)
  • Hannah Tuohey (Gold – Female Open)
  • Emma Armstrong (Silver – Female Open)
  • Josh Holding (Bronze – Male 13 years 5km)
  • Thomas Wood (Gold – Male 14 years 5km)
  • Hamish McDougall (Silver – Male 14 years 5km)
  • Sebastian Cumins (Gold – Male 15 years 5km)
  • Sam Warrick (Gold – Male 16 years 5km)
  • Kien-Anh Ngo (Bronze – Male 16 years 5km)
  • Codie Grimsey (Gold – Male Open 5km)
  • Max Thorn (Silver – Male Open 5km)
  • Michael Dehaini (Bronze – Male Open 5km)

A number of swimmers also achieved National Open Water Championship qualifying times.  Congratulations to these swimmers as well.

The next event was the 1km non-championship event.  Surrey Park was again amongst the medals:

  • Jamie Xu (Silver – Female 13-15 years 1km)
  • Stephanie Burrill (Gold – Female 16-19 years 1km)
  • Cameron Crabb (Gold – Male 16-19 years 1km).

Saturday’s competition concluded with the non-championship 3km event where some of the club’s younger swimmers showed us their talent.  Medallists were:

  • Adelaide Wood (Silver- Female 10-12 years 3km)
  • Saskia Dammersmith (Bronze – Female 10-12 years 3km)
  • Lucy Smithson (Gold – Female 13-15 years 3km)
  • Connor Xu (Gold – Male 10-12 years 3km)
  • Jack Hale (Bronze – Male 13-15 years 3km).

The 10km event was held on Sunday and nine Surrey Park athletes started the race.  Not long after the lead swimmers had completed three-quarters of the race, the weather conditions rapidly deteriorated and visibility on the water was severely degraded.  In the interests of safety  the race was abandoned and the swimmers recovered from the course. Based on the positions of the field at the time of abandonment, the Referee was able to declare race positions relative to age/gender.  Surrey Park swimmers' positions were:

  • Sam Sheppard (1st – Male Open)
  • Codie Grimsey (2nd – Male Open)
  • Michael Dehaini (Equal 3rd – Male Open)
  • Max Thorn (Equal 3rd – Male Open)
  • Hannah Tuohey (1st – Female Open)
  • Emma Armstrong (3rd – Female Open)
  • Sam Warrick (2nd – Male 16 years)
  • Bethany Robertson (1st – Female 16 years)

Congratulations and well done to all swimmers that competed.  Open Water Swimming is a challenging and uniquely demanding event.  The experience of the weekend will stand our swimmers in good stead for future campaigns. 

Photos from both days of competition are available in the news section for members to view after logging on.