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Pool Conditions at Box Hill - Update

After a series of delays completely beyond the control or influence of the Club, the City of Whitehorse has finally completed the installation of the Air Handling Unit at the pool at Box Hill.  The Club considers that appropriate air conditions are essential to the conduct of our learn-to-swim and squad activities and have continually conveyed this position to the City of Whitehorse over the past months.  Whilst the conditions with the new air handling unit are not perfect, which is difficult given the nature of the temporary structure that has been installed, the air temperature and visibility within the pool environment have been dramatically improved.

We will continue to operate the learn-to-swim and squad programs with the professionalism and dedication that we believe our clients deserve.  For those that have remained committed to Surrey Park during this hard time we thank you for your loyalty and for those that have left or taken a break we hope to see you again one day. For existing and returning swim school clients we are offerining a 20% discount on fees for Term 3 in recognition of both loyalty and the inconvenience that has been endured. 

During the last season the Club achieved amazing results at the Australian Age Championships (3rd) and the Australian Open Water Swimming Championships (1st).  Many of the members of these succesful teams are Australian Age Champions and what many be unaware is that a great proportion of these swimmers were graduates of the Surrey Park Swim School.   So for anyone that needs a reference as to the quality of the product that our swim school produces please consider these young athletes.

John Robertson