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State Age Championships - Day 4

 Day 4 already??  Maybe the thought of being closer to the end of the Championship than the beginning is enough to spur our team on to greater achievements?  Just think parents what would you rather be doing than battling peak hour traffic to get to and from MSAC; sacrificing time at the office; paying $8 each time you walk through the door; shifting your car every three hours to avoid parking infringements; enduring the effects of excess consumption of caffeine from those coffees that you wait 15minutes to be diligently made?  Christmas shopping at Chaddie or Shoppo?– I think not!!!  You wouldn’t trade the world for watching our great team strut their stuff (albeit horizontally in the water).

So what did Day 4 finals provide?

Our first swimmer for the night was Emma Smithson in the Girls 12 Years 50 Free.  Emma was the smokie from Lane 9 who almost stole the show and was rewarded with a silver medal as the 2nd placed Victorian.

In the Boys 50 Free, William He, reminding us of a young ET (that is Eugene Tee not the extraterrestrial) as he made yet another consistent finals appearance and swam through to an 8th placed finish.  Good job William!

We then got to see whether the big men could really fly in the Boys 17-18 Years Fly.  I don’t know whether they can fly but by crikey they can swim really fast. Our Big Fella Lachie McLeish was again in the mix, looking resplendently attired in his light blue jammers, and cracked it for a bronze medal in a time well under the National Open cut.  Cam Crabb, a Surrey Park blue blood, also swam well, and under the National Open cut, for a great 5th place.      

Alex Good continued her championship campaign with a dip in the Girls 14 Years 50 free and touched into 5th place – I suspect the other swimmers may have been somewhat peeved when Alex stole their thunder the previous night in the 100 Free.  Hope you keep on stealing thunder for the next few days.

The Girls 15 Years 100 Backstroke was like a Blue Crush with Surrey Park girls galore – well three anyway as Jemma Schlicht, Sian Whittaker and Phoebe (yes that’s you Rico) Dammersmith making a finals appearance.  Sian demonstrated some star athletic qualities swimming entirely her own race to secure the gold by just touching out Jemma who grabbed silver.  Rico grabbed valuable points with a fantastic 6th place  - a great result considering the quality of the field.

Lachie May got the Surrey Park support team cheering as he battled hard in the Boys 15 Years 100 Backstroke hitting the wall in 6th place.    Great efforts Lachie!   An interesting observation for the night – both our Lachie’s wear light blue jammers!  Club uniform policy will be changed to make it compulsory for all future Lachies to wear light blue jammers.

Our man Carlos Berbia was our next swimmer up in the Boys 13 Years 200 Fly.  Not an easy event but Carlos completed the race with a 7th placing.

William He was back for yet another finals appearance in Boys 12 Years 200IM and finished 9th scoring more points for the Club.  Keep up the good work!

Beth Robertson got what she wished for - a finals swim in the Girls 17-18 Years 200IM.  However, I think as she was swimming the fly leg she was probably thinking a night at home watching DVDs would have been a better option!  To much surprise of the coaching staff she swam a PB and a credible 9th place..

The Girls 14 Years 400 Free was another Blue Crush event with Georgia Lloyd, Alex Good and Skipper Simpson competing.  Skipper finished 7th, Georgia 10th and Alex grabbed another gold.    Alexandra the Good (if not Great) is now undertaking a specialized form a memory strengthening to help her to remember that when you win a race you get to go to a ceremony and they give you a medal and take photos and give you nice stuff!

Our Emilys were back for the Girls 16 Years 200 Breast.  Emily Zukic bagged another gold as the 1st Victorian while Emily Crawshaw touched the wall in 4th place (missing 3rd by a lemur’s whisker) to win a bronze medal as the 3rd Victoria.  Not so reliable sources have advised other not so reliable sources who have subsequently advised Maurice that this was Emily’s first state long course medal – that’s CRAWSOME!

Sian Whittaker and Phoebe (definitely Rico and certainly not Mort) Dammersmith were back in the water for the Girls 15 Years 400IM.  Sian build a lead through the fly and backstroke legs only to see it eaten up in the breaststroke leg  to be 4 seconds off the pace at the start of the final 100ms of freestyle.  Sian, demonstrating great resolve, swam a great freestyle leg to overcome her opposition and touch the wall first.   Great job Sian but not sure you realize how close your dad came to having cardiac arrest watching you!  I guess that’s why they call them ‘heart-stopping finishes’.  Phoebe provided a valuable contribution to our points score by picking up 6th place.  Well done girls!

Despite some dramas at the start that would make a penguin as nervous as if eye-balling a leopard seal with hunger pains, Adelaide (aka Private) Wood had a boomer of race in the Girls 13 Years 100 Free charging to the wall in 4th place from Lane 9.  In the Boys 13 Years 100 Free, Carlos Berbia swam through to 7th place.

Tonight was a chance for our younger team members to have some fun racing at night in a finals environment.  Special thanks to all the parents and families that came in to support the relays,

In the Girls 12 Years and under 4x50 Free relay, the A Team  (Tori Elson, Danielle Smithson, Emilia Doherty, Emma Smithson) finished in 10th place whilst the B Team (Rachael Thorpe, Georgina Shugg, Alicia Cullin, Zoe Choo) finished 37th.  Good job girls!

In the Boys 12 Years and under 4x50 Free relay, the A Team  (Connor Xu, William He, James Wright and Tom Warrick) finished amongst the points in 8h place whilst the B Team (Benjamin Maguire, Jacob Nalder, Henry Good and Nick McKay) finished 17th

On pool deck there was also much happening – the highlight being Morgan continuing to celebrate her medal from Day 3.  Morgs was observed by all of MSAC dancing on pool deck.  One of her partners in crime appeared to be ‘Sister of Rico’.

Looking forward to Day 5.  Advice for the day – “Winners don’t wait for chances, they take them” and also be kind to Lemurs.

Yours truly,