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State Age Championships - Day 5


Day 5  Finals – how did we make it this far without getting a severe case of the heebiedabajeebies! (especially given the welcoming and supportive demeanour of the pool staff (aka the Foosas!) who everyday find another way to inconvenience the athletes..sigh

Anyway on with the update…

We enter the night’s proceedings with the Waterlions breathing down our necks (a most uncomfortable feeling) and ready to pounce on us to snare third position on the points table.  Can our team survive both Foosas and Lions?? The team will have to grit their teeth (except for the penguins who can do whatever they do with their beaks) and dig deep to hold our position.

First points for the night came in the Girls 11 Years and under 100 Breaststroke when we saw another of the Smithson clan in the pool.  This time it was Danielle (the smallest of the trio but certainly not the quietest) who achieved a 7th place finish.

Roll on the Boys 17/18 Years 200 Backstroke and the Big Fella was back in black tonight (we understand the light blue bathers have gone to the dry-cleaners for a sprucing). Anyway, black goes better with silver as that is what Lachie McLeish earned for a hard fought swim.

In the Boys 13 Years and under 400 Free, Carlos ‘the man’ Berbia was back in action in yet another final.  Carlos picked up 9th place.  Carlos picked up another 9th place in the 50 Free later in the night. Keep up the good work!

The Girls 13 Years and under 400 Free, saw Adelaide (Private) Wood take charge of the race like a penguin in pursuit of a pilchard.  Good job Private on bringing home the gold – a much better reward than fish!

In the Boys 14 Years 100 Backstroke, Leo Wong had some extra special cheering going on as he touched the wall as the 2nd placed Victoria.  As he stepped upon the medal dais to receive his silver medal, a silence befell the audience, Leo’s eyes met someone in the crowd (and not his parents) and he uttered these words towards that someone  “you are so hot  - just like a sunrise”.  This of course confused the medal presenter as it was early evening.  But in the distance a quite reply echoed across the pool “kiss me ketut”.  Nothing more needs to be said.

Alex Good was back in action in the Girls 14 Years 100 Backstroke, picking up a bronze medal.  Good job Alex – especially on remembering to go to the medal presentation.

Our own Blue Crush was back for the Girls 15 Years 200 Free with Jemma Schlicht taking the golden prize and Sian Whittaker having another great swim to snare second.  Phoebe (Rico- cannot possibly be Mort as Mort was with me) Dammersmith picked up 9th place.  Maurice has also noted that Rico seems to be without a Club polo L

The Lean Machine (Hamish McDougall) cully equipped with GT racing stripes on his back achieved a 6th place in the Boys 16 Years 100 Fly.

The Boys 16-18 Years 1500 Free was won in a state record time, Sam Warrick battled through this enormously physically and mentally challenging event to receive a measure of reward in the form of a bronze medal as the 3rd placed Victorian.

In the Girls 14 Years 400 IM, the challenge was thrown down to Alex Good in the breaststroke leg but she held on for another gold medal.  Millie (Skipper) Simpson swam a great race to win a bronze medal.  Our unreliable sources advise that this is Skipper’s first state age championship medal.  Well done Skipper – extra fish for you tonight!

Another trio of Surrey Park girls were in the water for the 16 Years 200IM.  Lucy Smithson (the older of the Smithson clan – usually observed in the wild to be shouting at the younger of the clan) finished 8th.  Emily Crawshaw finished 10th and our other Emily (Zukic) had a podium finish with a bronze medal.

In the Boys 16 Years 200IM, the Lean Machine threw everything he could muster into the freestyle leg as he tried to take water away from the leader. However, the wall came too soon and Hamish had to settle for a well deserved silver.

Saskia (sister of Rico – and please tell your sister that she is not Mort) Dammersmith swam in the Girls 13 Years 100 Breast stroke and although she finished 4th was almost presented with a medal by accident.  Maurice has also observed that Saskia, unlike Rico, does have a Club Polo.

The Girls 16-18 Years 800 Free saw Beth Robertson and Lucy Smithson competing.  Both girsl were probably wishing the Mayan prediction for the end of the world would come true and they wouldn’t have to swim this.  Lucy battled through to be 13th overall.  As it was Beth’s last individual swim at a State Age Championship she obviously decided to savour the moment and take a bit of extra time swimming it to finish 10th overall.  I guess we know who went to Schoolies!

Next up relay action with the 14 and unders competing in the 4X50 medley relays.

The Boys A Team (Leo (Ketut) Wong, Jess Nalder,  Carlos Berbia, Josh Holding) achieved a 4th placing whilst the B Team (Nicholas McFarlane, Patrick Brenchley, Max Warrick and Jim Bian) came in 27th.  Both teams went under their entry times.

The Girls A Team (Alex Good, Adelaide (Private) Wood, Saskia (Sister of Rico) Dammersmith and Georgia Lloyd) came in 5th.  Unfortunately, our B Team (Skipper Simpson, Georgie Hawkins, Alice Mason and Anna Drake) were disqualified.  Don’t sweat it girls – these things happen.

One more day to go (did I hear cheering?) Don’t forget our end of States celebrations tomorrow night –we hope to see as many there as possible with maximum Christmas spirit.

Advice for the day – You can’t put a limit on anything.  The more you dream, the farther you get.

Yours truly,

Maurice (accompanied by Mort)

PS.  Kowalski we miss you!