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State Age Championships - Day 6


On the final night of competition, with soaring temperatures matched by record icy pole sales, the evening’s racing saw some additions to the Surrey Park gold rush.  The heat was blistering and so was the action in the pool as the team picked up another six medals (4 Gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze).

In the Boys 17-18 200 Fly, Surrey Park Blue-Bloods Cam Crabb and Sam Warrick fought hard for all 4 laps with Sam earning 6th place and Cam scoring a bronze medal as the 3rd Victorian.

Next up was our Blue Crush of Jemma Schlicht, Sian Whittaker and Phoebe (yes you know you are Rico) Dammersmith in the Girls 15 years 200IM. Theses ladies have been impressive all week and tonight was no exception, with Jemma taking  gold, Sian silver (just a sliver behind Jemma) and Rico taking out 5th.  Good job ladies!

Our 14 year old girls were up for the 200 Free.  Alex the Good (if not great) won yet another medal – gold on this occasion.  Georgia Lloyd had a great race and finished the race off with a 7th place.

Adelaide (Private) Wood proved that penguins can swim on their backs as well as their fronts when she scored 6th place in the final of the Girls 13 Years 100 Backstroke.

The Boys 17-18 100 Free restored our faith in the services available through dry cleaners  as they obviously pulled through on a rush order as our Big Fella was back in action in his bedazzling light blue jammers.  In a post race interview with Maurice, Lachie outlined that his light blue racing bathers were specially chosen to match the décor of the aquatic environment and to accentuate his skin tones and eye colour.  Sprinters – you just have to love them (But if you don’t I sure they will be able to survive on their own modest self-admiration)  :)

The decibels were cranked up for the Boy 16 years 200 Back as the chants rang out “GO SEBBBBBBB!!!” And the boy didn’t disappoint with a start to finish demolition, to see Sebastian Cummins back on the podium for a gold medal.  Great result for a great racer.

With her second appearance for the night – Jemma won her second gold for the night with an impressive win in the Girls 15 Years 100 Fly where she finished the opposition like a cheesecake!

Carlos (the Man) Berbia brought his States campaign to an honourable conclusion with a 9th place in the Boys 13 Years and under 400IM.   Excellent work over the last 6 days Carlos and good luck at Nationals!

Relays for the night were the 18 Years and under 4x100 Medley.  The Girls A Team (Sian Whittaker, Morgan Khan, Jemma Schlicht and Alex Good) forged themselves into 3rd place overall only to learn that they had been disqualified – tough luck ladies.  The B Team (Rico Dammersmith,  Emily Crawshaw, Amelia Ellis and Beth Robertson) finished just outside the points in 11th.  To celebrate her last long course State Age swim, Beth received a dunking from the girls – for some reason Rico ended up taking a swim as well.

The Boys B Team (Leo Wong, Jess Nalder, Sam Warrick and Tom Golding) battled through to a 17th place.  Special mention to Jess Nalder for stepping up to relay breaststroke responsibilities over the past couple of days.

The Boys A Team (Sebastian Cumins, Hamish (the Lean Machine), Cam Crabb and Lachie McLeish) charged hard to pick up a 4th place finish.  It was a fitting end to the past 6 days racing, that our Big Fella got to swim the last leg, of the last heat, of the last event of the Championship.  It was also pleasing to note that he chose to wear his black bathers to ensure that the whole team was appropriately colour coordinated.

Our team finished in 3rd place overall (our girls achieving 3rd and our boys 5th) which is an improvement on our results from last year in both position and overall points scored. 

Over the past 6 days our team won numerous medals  (so many that this poor Lemur has run out of fingers, toes and whiskers to count them all up) and made even more finals appearances.  However, our team is made up of more than just medal winners and finalists, it is made up of all those that competed in the heats as well as all those training partners that didn’t swim at states as well as the coaching staff that drive the program and the parents that provide unquestioning support.  Our Club is our team.

Special mention should go to Alex Good and Jemma Schlicht for being announced as the 14 years and 15 years Girls Age Group Championships. 

If there was special award that could be bestowed by his majesty King Julian (lord of the lemurs etc etc blah blah) for team spirit it would be jointly shared between Tom Wood and Olivia Derndorfer.  Both these athletes have injuries that prevented them competing, however both were regularly on pool deck to support their team mates.  A great attitude which deserves acknowledgement.

Thank you to the Coaching staff for their tireless efforts and to the Team Managers (Louise Simpson and Di Good (hope you are now enjoying your R&R in Thailand) for a job well done.   Thank you also to David May and Big Al Warrick for arranging and coordinating the end-of-states dinner – to which Kowalski even made an appearance!

So endeth the Championships and until my next assignment (pending on my release form Madagascar or institutional custody) I wish you all the best of good fortune and the very best for Christmas and/or Julianuary (whichever you may celebrate).


Yours truly,




By John R – I hope that you have enjoyed (or at least tolerated) the ramblings of my friend Maurice over the past week.  State Championships can be a stressful time for athletes and parents and often one or the other can become unnecessarily inwardly focused on issues and events that in the big scheme of life are not really important.  Through Maurice we look to bring you an update on the swimming events but to also offer some comedic relief, humour, light hearted sarcasm and to make athletes laugh at themselves rather than to stress about their races.  If Maurice treads a fine line I would pay him no mind – after all he is just a small round lemur and who would admit to listening to a lemur?