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Age Nationals - Day 4 Update - Superb Sian


The SP Team was back in the pool for another day of action packed racing.  As with all championships or meets there are always highs and lows.  Some athletes have stellar meets whilst others may not achieve the success they either hoped for or perhaps deserved.  In supporting the team, whether at Age Nationals, World Cup or at a Club Sunday, we need to reflect that our young athletes are ‘people’ first and irrespective of athletic performance, whether this be great, average or indifferent, they will always be the same ‘people’.  As parents, siblings, team-mates and supporters, we need to encourage, nurture and develop those attributes and characteristics in our athletes that will help make them ‘better people’.

During major championships the coach-athlete relationship is at the fore, and although much of the coaching staff attention is directed towards athletic performance, the ideal of creating ‘better people’ is also very much on the agenda of the staff as they manage the athletes through active learning processes of dealing with variations in expectations and outcomes; accountability; responsibility; career ownership; and adversity – all factors that they will encounter through each stage of their lives both inside and outside of swimming.  Sometimes a decision that is made between a coach and an athlete that may not necessarily be appreciated from afar but such a decision will always be taken in the best interest of the athlete and in keeping with a strong coach-athlete relationship.  Spare a thought for our coaches, their task is often thankless but their influence can shape lives.

Now for a summary of Day 4 finals action:

·      Sian Whitaker – 15 yrs 100 Back – Gold (A quality swimmer deserving of the backstroke double!), 15 yrs 400 IM – Silver (Sian’s 5th medal of the meet!)

·      Jemma Schlicht – 15 yrs 100 Back – 4th

·      Lachlan May – 15 yrs 100 Back – 9th

·      Emily Zukic – 17/18 yrs 200 IM – 10th

·      Adelaide Wood – 14 yrs 400 Free – 7th  (After a great swim to make the finals!)

·      Emily Crawshaw – 16 yrs 200 Breast – Bronze (CRAWSOME!  Since winning her first long course state individual medal in December, Emily tonight won her first individual national medal)

·      Phoebe Dammersmith – 15 yrs 400 IM – 10th

SP Medal Tally   6 Gold 2 Silver  1 Bronze