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Age Nationals - Day 6 Update


After 6 days and 12 sessions of competition the Age Nationals Championships has drawn to a close.  The last night, as with each previous night, was highlighted by the gallant athletic efforts by the next generation of Australian swimming and Surrey Park swimmers were very much part of this.

The final night saw a number of the Club’s athletes in either individual finals or swimming as part of relay teams.  A summary of the results is:

·      Sian Whittaker – 15 yrs 200 IM – Gold (well done on a your achievements)

·      Alexandra Good – 15 yrs 200 IM – 4th , 15 yrs  100 Fly – 7th (Alex’s commitment and courage over the past week has been admirable. Good job)

·      Sebastian Cumins – 16 yrs 200 Back – Silver (Sebastian is up there as one of the Club’s best ever age group racers)

·      Jemma Schlicht – 15yrs 100 Fly – Gold (Jemma has consistently excelled throughout the season)

·      Girls 18/U 4x100 Medley Relay  (Phoebe Dammersmith, Emily Zukic, Millie Simpson, Adelaide Wood) – 14th

·      Boys 18/U 4x100 Medley Relay (Sebastian Cumins, Hamish McDougall, Cameron Crabb, Lachlan McLeish) – 6th

The final medal tally for Surrey Park was  8 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze – outstanding!

With the competition drawing to a close we can only admire the young athletes that have competed this week whether they be from Surrey Park or any one of the hundreds of clubs that participated.  For our team, thanks and praise needs to go to the athletes as well as to the Coaching staff (Mike, Kylie and Coop) and the support staff (Andy and Lauren).  Andy should be particularly acknowledged for her tireless and professional efforts in planning, preparing and managing support arrangements both in the lead up and during this week.  Thanks to all the parents that have made participation in this event possible for their children and it is hoped that a positive experience is taken away by all those young persons that they can reflect on for life.

In closing , drawing upon naval traditions, this farewell message is offered– Ecclesiastes Chapter 9 Verse 7