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2013 Vic Age Short Course Championships

A team of 47 Surrey Park swimmers enter the recent Victorian Age Short Course Championships.  Qualifying times for the short course season are quite difficult to achieve and this is based on fitting the meet into a weekend. 

This meet is run in two pools and makes it hectic for coaches, swimmers and officials alike.  This year the coaches decided to sit in the stands to watch the racing and had the team managers on the pool deck supervising the swimmers down on deck and managing the withdrawals and all the other bits and pieces the coaches needed assistance with. 

Having the swimmers in the stands added to the atmosphere of the meet with some great team support from all. 

Surrey Park's Senior Performance squad was hosting swimmers from Northwave Swimming Club, coach Coop’s mum's Club from New Zealand.  They were made welcome by all swimmers and sat with the Surrey Park swimmers. 

Friday night is the most hectic of the sessions of the weekend.  With swimmers competing in some of the shorter sprint events and the boys slugging it out in the 1500 Freestyle and the girls fighting out the 800 Freestyle honours.  There was some fantastic racing over the night, personal bests galore and many medals won by Surrey Park swimmers.

Swimmers were then required to back up Saturday morning for heats and some timed finals.  This is not always an easy task, especially if you have had a successful night, then having the ability to back this up can be difficult.  Surrey Park once again showed that they were a force to be reckoned with. Surrey Park was well represented in the finals with another great night of racing.  Once again the atmosphere upstairs was electric with some great support from all Surrey Park swimmers.

Sunday is always difficult to get up and going, however most of the swimmers came in firing, ready to swim fast and once again the swimmers produced many a personal best time.  The final night of racing produced some sensational swims; some swims required a lot of metal toughness as the swimmers had competed in many a heat and final swim.

Overall Surrey Park had 66% personal best times achieved, 26% of swims were just outside personal bests, with some of these being season best times.  Not a bad effort considering some swimmers personal best times were only a couple of weeks old.  The other 8% were swimmers that pulled out of events due to a range of reasons, illness, injury, to focus on a main event etc.  Congratulations to all swimmers and their coaches on a short course season of hard work.

A thank you needs to go out the team managers (May Warrick and Stewart Nicol) for their assistance over the three days. Also a thankyou from the swimmers to the parents for driving them to and from the pool, feeding them, supporting and making sure they had the best possibility of performing over the weekend.

The Photo Gallery has been updated with photos from Victorian Age Short Course Championships and the Team Breakfast held the weekend before. These can be accessed  via the "News" and "Recent Photos" tabs. Please note, you will need to be logged in to view these.