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Victorian Open Water Results!

Great Job to Surrey Park Swimmers at the Victorian Open Water Championships in Hazelwood on 11-12 October 2014

**(Danielle Smithson 1K Overall Champ, Evan Tsirapidis 10K Overall Champ)

1 K race

Male 10-12yr            Cooper Cheesman   1st 15:45.5

Female 13-15yr       Danielle Smithson    1st 14:10.5

Female 13-15yr        Emma Smithson        3rd 14:37.0

Female 10-12yr        Mackenzie Hooper    5th 17:57.6

Female 13-15           Aschia Wise                5th 15:41.1

2.5 K race

Male 10-12yr            Tanin Kursidim        1st 38:52.5

Male 10-12yr             Aiden Gleeson           2nd 40:18.0

5 K race

Male 17-18yr            Tom Golding             1st 1:05:37.5

Female 14yr              Emma Smithson        2nd 1:13:04.0 *(AGE NATIONAL QUALIFIER)

Female 13yr              Danielle Smithson     2nd 1:13:03.1 *(AGE NATIONAL QUALIFIER)

Male 14yr                  Connor Xu                  2nd 1:05:59.3 *(AGE NATIONAL QUALIFIER)

Female Open             Emma Armstrong      2nd 1:11:27.6

Male 13yr                  Matthew Burns         3rd 1:20:55.1

Female 16yr              Georgie Hawkins       4th 1:15:06.9

Male 16yr                  Jim Bian                      4th 1:09:00.5

Male 14yr                  Tom Warrick              5th 1:09:48.8 *(AGE NATIONAL QUALIFIER)

Male 16yr                  Joshua Holding          6th 1:13:13.3

Female 15yr              Aschia Wise                9th 1:23:26.5

Male 14yr                  Loughlin Hooper       9th 1:17:32.1

Male 14yr                  Matthew Mulherin    11th 1:31:17.0

10 K race

Overall                       Evan Tsirapidis       1st 2:07:7.6

Great job also to:

Alan Smithson

Rochelle Kursidim

Flick Hawkins

Pete Mulherin

In the professional/parent category!

Photos of the weekend have been uploaded to the Photo Gallery under News on the website. You need to log in to see these.