How is Head Coach Gus going? is our Head Coach Gus going?

We asked our two 2016 Olympic Trials swimmers just that and here are their responses:

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first week with Coach Gus, his enthusiasm, knowledge and love of swimming was clear from the very first session.  I am super excited for the upcoming months of training under Gus and cannot wait to see the benefits when racing

Adam Howgate

"Dedicated, with a wealth of knowledge and you immediately know it's about you (the athlete), as a whole person"

Samantha Howe

And although Gus has been busy meeting new swimmers, sorting out squads and pool space, coaching morning and night he still had time to take a trip up to MLC Aquatic to further his knowledge in the10x200s step test.  This is what Adam Howgate (the guinea-pig) had to say:

"On Thursday 19th May, Coach Gus and I travelled to MLC Aquatic to observe and partake in the 10x200s step test, a swimming test aimed at testing and measuring a variety of different things.  Just being able to train at MLC was an incredible opportunity and the results we obtained can now be compared with future tests to monitor progress and improvement"

These tests will no doubt raise their head at some point in the Flyers program!