News from Gus

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the subject line but only 60-70% of people actually open emails from me and this one requires attention. 

There are a few subjects that need to be covered here so, put on the kettle, settle in and let’s go for a ride...

School Holidays

Are apparently coming up and PARC is making some changes to our availability for that period. We still have all of our sessions BUT the pool is staying 25m for the whole time. They will not be going 50m at all. The reason? They have an enormous inflatable thing that kids enjoy clambering over and moving the boom in addition to that would be too hard. So, we will have 5 SCM (short course metres) lanes for every session. If you are interested in the inflatable, best check with reception at PARC. They will be storing it where everyone puts their bags too. Will have to find somewhere else to sit. Cafe perhaps?

MSFS (Multi-sport Fitness Squad)

Will change one of their training days for the next 3 weeks (while the State meets are on). The Friday evening session will no longer be available and a Wednesday evening session will be on in its place. Same time, same place, just on Wednesday. All else will be the same and will revert to the original program after State Opens.

Senior/Performance Squads

Friday evening and Saturday morning training for the next 3 weeks is cancelled due to State Champs commitments. Strength is still on Thursday arvo. As is the swimming session. Thursday morning, if you are swimming state either take the morning off and swim that afternoon or do Yoga.

Junior Squad

The week starting September 19, Wednesday morning training will be moved to Thursday (September 22) morning from that Thursday onwards.

Development Squad

Pay attention to all of the information here. One day, this will be you. We are going to enter an Encouragement Meet soon. I will have the information to you as soon as I can.


As we now know the dates of all SCM competition next year, we are looking at running a few camps. The first will be for the Senior/Performance group hopefully at Sport Super Centre on the Gold Coast in September, 2017. We are also looking at a Junior camp for a similar time. 

State Age SC swimmers

Good luck to all the swimmers swimming at State Age this weekend. Please be very aware of the program and timeline, they are attached. Swimmers should be at the pool 1.5 hours prior to the time of their first event. Earlier if they wish. Please ensure that there is adequate time before marshalling to see the coach and come straight to see the coach after the race. I will try to be on pool deck as much as possible to ensure I get to everybody and see all their races. If you can’t find me, call me.

I will be picking up the athlete passes on Thursday from the nice people at Swimming Victoria. Make sure you have time to collect yours from me or I will have it at the meet.

All swimmers should be making sure they are attending the sessions that are required up to the Champs. If you are racing Friday night, do not train Friday morning. If you aren’t racing until Saturday, train on Friday morning from 6:30-7:30am (1 hour). The job of all swimmers between now and the weekend is to stay healthy.

There will be a timekeeping roster coming out soon. Keep an eye out for it.

State Open and 12/under SC swimmers

Those that have qualified, please check with me prior to entering your events. We want to try and get the best that we can out of each swimmer that weekend. Those entries are due soon, get to it if you haven’t already.

School Sport Australia, Darwin swimmers

Please see me to make sure warm-ups, cool downs, etc are ok for when you are away. Again, good luck.

Lisa and Sam

Lisa is on her way and Sam leaves soon for Holland where the Lifesaving Champs are on. Best of luck to both as they represent their country. We anxiously await results.


  1. Vic Swimming calendar for 2017-18. Lots of changes, the biggest being state LC goes to January in 2018, not December in 2017 due to Commonwealth Games Trials. 
  2. State Age psych sheets. Check them to make sure all is well. Let me know if not.
  3. Session reports (timelines) for State Age. Now you know.

If there are any questions, please ask. Phew, we made it.