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Coaches Report Victorian Sprint Championships

This year, Surrey Park swimmers made the Victorian Sprint Championships one of their targeted meets and came to the competition with no less than 46 swimmers ready to compete over the 2 day meet.

Our swimmers came into the meet in various stages of fatigue due to the training phase that they are currently in, so performance was going to be “Like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get”. And that's exactly what we got, with some outstanding efforts.

Many of our swimmers made it through the preliminary heats on Saturday to come back and contend the finals on Sunday. The following swimmers were successful in making finals in individual events and reaching the podium:

Aidan Gleeson

50 Free 1st, 50 Back 1st, 50 Fly 3rd

Alex Hillman

50 Free 3rd, 50 Fly 4th, 50 Back 7th

Laura Davy

50 Fly 1st, 50 Breast 4th, 50 Free 6th

Emma Smithson

50 Fly 2nd, 50 Free 10th

Lewis Clarke

50 Breast 6th, 50 Back 7th, 50 Fly 7th

Chantelle Underwood

50 Free 2nd, 50 Breast 6th

Ryan Lobo

50 Back 5th 50 Fly 6th

Cooper Cheesman

50 Breast 8th

Dani Smithson

50 Free 4th

Tori Elson

50 Back 6th, 50 Free 7th

Ebba Rosenquist

50 Fly 2nd, 50 Free 2nd, 50 Breast 6th, 50 Back 10th

Alex Good

50 Fly 4th

Kahlia Marsh

50 Breast 4th, 50 Free 8th, 50 Back 8th, 50 Fly 9th

Hamish McDougall

50 Fly 6th 50 Back 8th

Tom Curran

50 Back 4th

In the 16/U 5X50 Freestyle Relays:

Surrey Park's Girls team finished 5th.

The Boys A Team finished 8th and the B team finished 14th.

The weekend’s medal total was as follows: 3 Gold – 4 Silver – 2 Bronze. In addition, there were 35 top 10 finishes.

What a great effort from the whole team, with a very high percentage of PBs from many swimmers. A special mention to ALL our parent supporters who time kept over the weekend, especially on Saturday after nearly 11 hours at the pool. Also to Coaches Tom, Pat and Sarah – Great job guys!

Matt Brown
Director of Coaching