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Surrey Park Annual General Meeting and Annual Report

Surrey Park's Annual Report for Season 2016/17 is available  HERE.

Surrey Park's Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 20th September.

Office Bearers for Season 2017/2018 elected at the Annual General Meeting are:

  • President - Shannon Clarke
  • Vice President - Sam Xu
  • Treasurer - Fong Tee
  • Secretary - Vincent Burns
  • General Committee -Sylvia Gleeson, Jan Underwood, Tim Harkin, Alan Smithson. Hamish McDougall

If you are wanting to be involved in helping out around the Club, but don’t want to join the Committee, maybe you could consider helping on one of the Sub-Committees we are hoping to formalise in coming months.

These would meet as needed and would include;
* Meet Sub-Committee – Organisation of Club Meets and Club Championships; including venue bookings, official bookings,  timekeeping rosters and catering
*  Fundraising Sub-Committee – Raising funds for swimmers support
*  Social Sub-Committee – Club dinners, breakfasts and presentation night.
*  Photography - parents with an interest in photography that can assist the club to capture images we can use on social media, publications. Assist to put together a slideshow for presentation night.

If you are interested and able to offer your assistance, any help would be appreciated.
If you have any questions or require more information please contact Shannon at [email protected] or call her on 0419155475.