The Sun!

Hello Everyone,

I am sending this quick note to let everyone know that the sun is here. It has been lurking for a few months only reminding people of its existence on the odd occasion.

It does seem to be back with a vegeance, though. Yesterday was a very sunny and warm day. 


Can I insist that everyone ensure that your swimmers are coated head to toe in sunscreen prior to training in the afternoons and Saturday mornings. If you are able, applying it earlier (30 mins) will allow it to soak in a bit more before swimming. 

As always, everyone has preferences but I have found greater protection with spray on SPF50+ sunscreens. It also tends not to wash off as easily. Being "One of Those" ginger haired, blue eyed sun burn magnets has allowed me the chance to test a few options. My all time favourite is this one. The other important thing to remember is that they do become less effective as they get older. Once past their used-by date sunscreens arent at all effective. 

Below is a link to how to apply sunscreen.