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Club Sunday PB Challenge Wrap Up

Sunday 19th September saw the 2010 PB Challenge Competition draw to a close with the final round of competition.  The PB Challenge was staged at Aqualink Box Hill over 3 Sundays and a total of 35 swimmers, all 12 years or under, from both the Club and Swim School participated.  Swimmers acrued points based on how much they were able to improve their times over the course of the competition.

The overall winner of the competition was Karie Cornell.  Trophies were also awarded to Emilia Doherty (Club - 1st Place), Jake Oh (Club - 2nd Place) and Nicholas McFarlane (Club - 3rd Place).    Additionally the following swimmers from the swim school received trophies - Madisson Clark (Swim School - 1st Place), Alexandra Walker ((Swim School - 2nd Place) and Yun-Lim Fang (Swim School - 3rd Place).

A special encouragement award of a pair of googles donated by Club Captain Eugene Tee was presented to Zara Wearne.

All participants also received pizza vouchers courtesy of Columbo's Restaurant as well as an individual print-out of their results. 

Special thanks goes to the Swimming Sub-Committee for organising the event as well as to coaches and club captains for their support.  Also thanks to all those parents who offered their assistance. for time-keeping and other duties. 

Photos are available in the members only photo gallery.