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State Championships Update - Day 4

Day 4 done and dusted! Two days to go and we are still smiling – despite the weather! The sun might not have been shining but our kids were.

Some great prelim swims saw another healthy group of qualifiers for the evening finals. Swimmers that made individual finals were:
  • Carlos Berbia (11 yrs/under 200m Backstroke)
  • Connor Xu (11 yrs/under 200m Backstroke)
  • Bethany Robertson (16 yrs 200m Freestyle)
  • Phoebe Dammersmith (13 yrs 200m Butterfly)
  • Sarah Martin (13 yrs 200m Butterfly)
  • Alexandra Good (12 yrs 200m Individual Medley)
  • Leo Wong (12 yrs 200m Individual Medley)
  • Ruby McDougall (17-18 yrs 200m Individual Medley)
  • Lucy Smithson (14 yrs 400m Freestyle)
  • Sebastian Cumins (14 yrs 400m Freestyle)
  • Sam Warrick (15 yrs 400m Individual Medley)
 Our highlights for the evening included Alex Good claiming a silver for second Victorian in the Girls 12 years 200m IM. One lesson earned today was that Team Managers need to guard their snacks as your chips are in perilous danger when Alex is around and hungry.
Leo, cheered on by a group of enthusiastic young men from Surrey Park, had another visit to the podium to receive a bronze medal for the Boys 12 yrs 200m IM.
Lucy picked up the pace in the last 15m of her 400m Freestyle to secure a National Age Qualifying Time and a bronze medal to go with it.
Sam slugged out the 400m IM to be rewarded with a National Age Qualifying Time and Ruby scored her third National Time in 2 nights in the 200m IM.
One of the big highlights of the night was to see the 12 yrs & under relay teams having such a great time. These are a wonderful bunch of young kids and they represented the club magnificently.
Day 4 summary – lots of smiles – no recorded swimsuit malfunctions – Bethany only lost two items of clothing (a personal best) – Justin wore thongs (again)
Hot tips for Day 5 – lots more smiles – hopefully no swimsuit malfunctions – Bethany will manage to lose something – Justin will wear thongs again – and maybe if we are really lucky Alex will do the Mad Hatter dance!