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State Championships Update - Day 5

Day 5 – another special day and not just because of the lunar eclipse! Again the prelims provided some good results such as Cara’s 200m backstroke which enabled her to requalify for Nationals.  

Swimming meets are like anything in life –full of ups and downs.  Sometimes everything goes well but then sometimes there are disappointments. We are often quick to praise those who win medals and achieve PBs or National times, however many swimmers have days which they would gladly wish never happened. The important thing is to take away and develop the positives from that experience and not dwell on the less attractive aspects other than how to make them positive. Understanding why things happen whether these are good or bad is a first step in the process of improvement. 
We came into this championship with no expectation other than to establish a baseline for the club to build on over the coming months and years.
Swimmers that swam at Day 5 finals included:
  • Cara Davidson (Girls 17-18 yrs 200m Backstroke)
  • Sebastian Cumins (Boys 14 yrs 100m Backstroke)
  • Lucy Smithson (Girls 14 yrs 100m Backstroke)
  • Sam Warrick (Boys 15 yrs 200m Freestyle)
  • Kien-Anh Ngo (Boys 16-18yrs 1500m Freestyle)
  • Connor Xu (Boys 11/under 200m Freestyle)
  • Hamish McDougall (Boys 14 yrs 400m IM)
  • Sarah Martin (Girls 13 yrs 100m Breaststroke)
  • Bethany Robertson (Girls 16-18 yrs 800m Freestyle)
  • Alisha McNamara (Girls 16-18 yrs 800m Freestyle)
  • Tess Stevens (Girls 16-18 yrs 800m Freestyle)
  • Girls 14 yrs/under Medley Relay Team A (Alex Good, Phoebe Dammersmith, Sarah Martin, Lucy Smithson)
  • Girls 14 yrs/under Medley Relay Team B (Laura Seddon, Amelia Ellis, Jamie Xu, Elizabeth Albanis)
  • Boys 14 yrs/under Medley Relay Team B (Tom Golding, Hamish McDougall, Sebastian Cumins, Sam Cullin)
Some of the highlights of the day included:
  • A few more additions to the National Age Qualifying times achieved this week – 20 at last count! Well done Cara, Hamish and Sarah.
  • Carlos received a silver medal for second Victorian for his 400m swim in the prelims although it was such a surprise that Carlos didn’t know and Tom stepped in to accept on his behalf. Tom seemed to enjoy the experience of standing on the Dais.
  • Sebastian grabbed a silver medal for the 100m Backstroke.
  • The girls churned up the pool for the 800m Freestyle. Tess, in her first major tournament for several months, joined the winners circle by securing gold in the 17-18yrs age group with Alisha punching home to grab the bronze in the same age group. Beth won silver in the 16 yrs age group.
What will Day 6 bring? More than likely another day of Justin wearing thongs or Phoebe proving that she has track pants in every colour of the rainbow.   Beth will finally be able to collect all her gear and clothes which she has lost in every corner of MSAC. Hopefully, it will also see us finish the meet knowing that extra little bit more about ourselves.  And who knows maybe Alex will do the dance!
For all those coming in for Day 6 finals – bring your Christmas cheer!
Photo action is available at the following link: