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State Championships - Final Update

 The final day of competition saw a much needed turn in the weather – hoodies off and sunscreen on! We flicked the excitement switch and went out with a bang!

 Finalists for the last night were:
  •  Laura Powell (Girls 11 yrs & under 100m Backstroke)
  • Natasha Guenther (Girls 17-18 yrs 200m Butterfly)
  •  Sam Warrick (Boys 15 yrs 200m IM)
  • Lucy Smithson (Girls 14 yrs 200m Freestyle)
  • Phoebe Dammersmith (Girls 13 yrs 100m Backstroke)
  • Carlos Berbia (Boys 11yrs & under 200m Butterfly, 100m Freestyle)
  • Bethany Robertson (Girls 16yrs 200m Backstroke)
  • Kien-Anh Ngo (Boys 16 yrs 200m Backstroke)
  • Olivia Witts (Girls 15 yrs 100m Butterfly)
  • Cameron Crabb (Boys 15 yrs 100m Butterfly)
  • Alexandra Good (Girls 13 yrs & under 400m IM)
Additionally we had our 17-18 years girls competing in the 4 x 100m medley relay
The night got off to an exciting start when our ‘pocket rocket’ Laura Powell swam her heart out in the 100m Backstroke to the pride of the entire team.
Phoebe got her team uniform right for the night however her heart sank when she realized she didn’t bring her racing bathers. The great things about teams are that there is always some one there to lend a hand and Alex had a spare suit to help Phoebe out. It’s amazing how much 12 months can make – this time last year Phoebe never thought she’d make a National time but now days they just seem to be a part of the script.
In his 200m Butterfly, Carlos showed grit and determination and when this was mixed in with a generous helping of good fortune we saw him standing on the dais receiving a bronze medal as the third-placed Victorian.
Still feeling under the weather, Bethany decided that she was tired of waiting for the 200m Backstroke National time and stormed home to get her cut as well as a silver for the second placed Victorian.
In his 200m Backstroke , Kien-Anh rolled off another PB and by crikey we almost saw him smile. Good for you Kien-Anh we are proud of you!
In the Girls 100m Butterfly, Olivia backed up by her cheer squad edged even closer to her National time. In the boys 100m event we saw Cam do some of his own flying and improving on the National Time he achieved in the prelim session.
In the 400m IM events, Leo was presented with as silver medal for his efforts and Alex Good popped up for another medal this time a silver for the secong placed Victorian
Surrey Park’s last event for the evening was the Girls 18yrs/under medley relay (Cara, Ruby, Tash and Alisha). The team swam well just missing the national time but not before Cara achieved her 100m backstroke national qualifying time on the opening leg.
Photos for Day 6 are available via the following link:
Some overall highlights were:
  • 29 medals (8 Gold, 12 Silver, 9 Bronze)
  • In excess of 20 national age qualifying times achieved.
  • 5th ranked Victorian team (a good achievement when you consider that we only had a team of 30 competing in individual events)
The special award for consistency goes to Coach Justin with 100% achievement rate for wearing thongs contrary to team uniform policy. The runner up for this award was the Robertson family (Beth and father) for managing to misplace something at nearly every session.
With the competition over it is now back to training and working hard on fitness, skills and mindset. Next stop Adelaide!
Thanks to all the parents who assisted with timekeeping. As much as the swimmers form their own team it is important that all parents act as a team as well and provide collective support for all members of the team whether they be athletes, coaches or other parents. I would hope that Surrey Park would be setting an excellent example for all to follow not only in the pool but in the stands as well.
Welcome back to the Club to a few familiar faces and welcome to a few new faces.
Have a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.