Club Records Policy

A club record is obtained when a swimmer achieves a faster time in a particular event than the previous fastest time held. A record can be attained at any of the following meets:

  • Any Swimming Victoria, Swimming Australia or other state governing body approved meet
  • Any Novice, Encouragement or Club meet under the auspices of Swimming Victoria or other state governing body where a TM results file is produced
  • Any results held on Swimming Australia’s National database
  • Any Flyers Swim Team Club meet or Club Championship
  • School meets where the results are listed on the National database.  These are most likely to be state or national level meets which are run under the auspices of a state governing body. 

If you think a record has been missed please advise the Clubs Record Officer.

The Club Records are held by TeamUnify on the website.  New club records are updated onto the website after each meet when the TM file becomes available.