Life Members

Max Smith (FPSC Founder)
Ken McGarvin (MPF Founder)
B. Atkins
J. Atkins
M. Smith
T. Smith
J. Smith
J. Smith
M. Wilson

M. Burton

L. Howe

R. Howe



Long Service Swimmers

N. Ferrier
K. Sunderland
J. Chisholm
A. Fletcher
B. Bickers

S. Russo

C. McGuigan

H. McGuigan

J. Waterfall

J. Burton

S. Howe

S. Matters

A. Howgate

H. Waterfall

L. Manton

T. Cook

2019/20 President
Cheryl Bowden

2019/20 Club Captains
Jsckson Lazzar/Charlotte Simmons

2017/18 Club Champions
Brayden Miles and Lauren McAuley

2018/19 National Championship Attendees

Jackson Lazzar, Charlotte Simmons, Brayden Miles, William Bowden, Helena Herman, Joel Fraser, Lily Newman 

2018 National Open Water Championships Attendees

William Bowden and Lauren McAuley

JX Legends

Jackson Lazzar 2016/17

William Bowden 2016/17