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Joining TVSC

Please contact our Head Coach (swimcoach@grapevine.com.au)  to arrange a free assessment.

Our Member Registration Form is now available on-line.

Please complete the form and bring it along to the assessment session with you. Alternatively, forms will be available from the coaches at the time of assessment.

On assessment, Coaches will direct you to the New Member Kit, which includes details of how to register with Swimming NSW (SNSW).

The TVSC Constitution also requires that at least one parent/guardian be registered with Swimming NSW. SNSW Registration Fees are currently $69.00 for Swimmers, $21.00 for Non-Swimmers (Parents etc) and $0.00 for Junior Dolphins (7 & Under).

If you wish to know more about TVSC please contact our Head Coach (swimcoach@grapevine.com.au). If the swimmers are not quite ready we will advise you on a recommended course of action to get them ready to join.