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Advancement Squad


Advancement Squad

Ages:                 9 to 12 years

Duration:           60 minute sessions

Attendance:       2 session per week

Price:                  $99 per month

The Advancement Squad is our first level of squad in the outdoor 50m pool, after graduating from the indoor 25m program. Swimmers in the Advancement Squad train 2 sessions per week, and generally are aged between 9 to 12 years. They are coached in a variety of strokes and skills with a major emphasis on technique.

The aim of this squad is to provide the perfect platform for young swimmers to further develop their skills and stroke technique. The swimmers in this squad will be encouraged to participate in DTSC club championships and will be introduced to competitions in a friendly club environment. Swimmers will also be introduced to Time Trials, which run on the last week of each term as a part of their training. This will give swimmers more confidence and experience at racing as well as a chance to practise their race skills needed to participate in school swimming carnivals, encouragement meets and other club events.


2018 Training Schedule

4.15 - 5.15 PM 4.15 - 5.15 PM

4.15 - 5.15 PM


4.15 - 5.15 PM

7.00 - 8.00 AM

Please note, the session times and days may very during school holiday period.

Please refer to Holiday Timetable or contact the Head Coach.


Holiday Dates for 2018
April/May Holidays: 1 April – 15 April
July Holidays: 1 July – 15 July
September/October Holidays: 23 September – 7 October
December/January Holidays: 16 December – 13 January 2019