*Note: It is very important to register for swim meets as early as possible. Most swim meets will fill up 100% capacity many weeks before their published closing dates. It is the swimmer and families' responsibility to check planned entries with coaches and to register for targeted meets as soon as they are announced on the TigerSharks website to avoid missing out.

Steps for Registration

  1. Check which meets are targeted for your squad.
  2. Go to SwimVic website to printout the meet sheet.
  3. Circle your events on the meet sheet and check with coach at training.
  4. Enter ONLINE or as directed on the meet sheet.
  5. Register all meets early as meets may close before closing dates.

Squad Abbreviations: JB - Junior Bronze JS - Junior Silver JG - Junior Gold B - B squad A - A squad


RESULTS FROM TIGERSHARKS MEET:Sunday 2nd September 2018 



Long Course Meet Calendar Oct-Dec 2018

Long Course Calendar.pdf