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How to join?

Quick Steps to Membership

If you are a transferring swimmer from another club, you used to swim at Flyers OR you have queries please contact   

If you are joining a swimming club for the first time please use the following steps:      

Step 1

Contact Head Coach Angus Barnes or 0477 206 488 who will arrange to assess your swimmer and talk to you about squads and the Flyers Swim Team.

Membership of Flyers Swim Team is facilitated by following Steps 2-5 which include setting up payment of coaching fees (Step 2), registering with Flyers Swim Team through Swimming Victoria (Step 3) and joining PARC.   Please note that registration is compulsory and the full fee is due on registration as this covers the swimmer for insurance purposes.  Registration is renewed each year on 1st July and Swimming Australia and Swimming Victoria do not offer a pro rata rate regardless of when you sign up.

Step 2 - Payment of Coaching Fees

Flyers Direct Debit Form          Flyers Coaching Fee Schedule     Flyers Coaching Fee Policy

Please download the Direct Debit Form. Once completed please either scan and email to or request PARC Reception Staff to place in the Flyers Drop-Off Box at Reception.

Step 3 - Registration

Schedule of Flyers Registration Fees

If you are a new swimming family, a parent (one) and swimmer must register with Flyers Swim Team by clicking on the Join Now button below.  This button takes you into the SV website and accesses their registration system (enabling registration with Flyers, Swimming Victoria and Swimming Australia).  Select Region – Metro South, then the club 'Flyers Swim Team' and follow the prompts. Please enter the parent details first and on completion select 'add family member' to enter your swimmer's details.  You will be able to pay by credit card so please have it handy!  If you have any problems please contact the

Step 4 - PARC

All members of Flyers must join the Aquatic Membership at PARC.  This does give you free access to the car park, waterslides and the pool.  We ask that you talk to Reception about joining as there are many different options available which will differ between families.

Step 5

After steps 1-3 are completed you will be sent an email with details on how to sign-up to the Flyers website.  Access to the website enables you to view your swimmers times, sign-up for jobs at events and access further club information.

UNIFORM may be bought at PARC Reception.  Uniform List

See you on pool deck!