On May 5th 2000, Team TH Swimming Club and Mentone Bayside Swimming Club decided to unite to form a larger club. This new club is now known as Bayside Swimming Club Inc.

Both clubs have a proud history.

Team TH Swimming Club History

Team TH was formed in 1995 by interested parents whose children swam at Toby Haenen Swim Centre, Chelsea Heights. With tremendous assistance from Toby and Kim Haenen and others, the club grew and prospered. In January 1998, it was decided to expand by including families from Toby Haenen Swim Centre, Sandringham. This proved successful with excellent results being achieved at swim meets at district and state level.

The club became known for their bright red bathers and giant red coats, which gained Team TH a lot of attention at swim meets and everybody wanted to know who they were. Some even referred to them as the "Red Coat Mafia"! Team TH was a great club for young kids who didn't have tremendous swimming experience. They loved every moment of club nights, being inspired by the senior level swimmers. Winter Interclub was always exciting and many pennants were won over the years, and are still being won these days. Nobody will ever forget the memorable bus rides to Interclub... = )

With the opening of Mentone Grammar Aquatic Centre, (now Bayside Aquatic Centre), many of the senior swimmers began their squad training at Mentone. Close ties were formed with Mentone Bayside Swimming Club as many of the swimmers from both clubs trained together. It seemed a natural progression to investigate a merger of the 2 clubs.

Mentone Bayside Swimming Club History

The Mentone Bayside Swimming Club Inc (MBSCInc) affiliated with the umbrella swimming organisation Swimming Victoria Incorporated (Swim Vic Inc) on 8 November 1998 and commenced swimming at the Mentone Aquatic Centre from 29 January 1999.

MBSCInc was established by incorporating Sandringham Brighton Swimming Club Inc (SBSInc) which was the surviving club from a succession of mergers of the original Port Philip Bay swimming clubs.

In the early years, swimming was largely confined to Port Philip Bay, the Yarra river and inland waterways. Port Philip Bay was the Mecca of swimming and the Brighton District was well to the fore. Seawater baths were established in St. Kilda, South Melbourne, Middle Park, Middle Brighton, Brighton Beach, Sandringham and Sorrento and by 1999 the only functional baths left are at Middle Brighton.

MBSCInc's original precursor clubs have been affiliated with Swim Vic Inc and its antecedent the Victorian Amateur Swimming Association (VASA) which was formed on 25 October 1893 as follows:

  Brighton Swimming Club joined 1895

  Sandringham Swimming Club joined in 1926 (subsequently changed name to Dendy)

  Dendy Swimming Club credited as having joined in 1926

  Brighton Beach Swimming Club joined in 1928

  Sandringham Brighton Amateur Swimming Club joined in 1979

  SBASC incorporated as Sandringham Brighton Swimming Club Inc. on 21 Dec 1983

As segregated swimming was strictly enforced during the early half of the twentieth century, separate ladies and men's clubs had been formed to conform to the then prevailing standards of public decency. These included Brighton Ladies Swimming Club and Brighton Beach Ladies Swimming Club.

During the years memberships at each of the clubs waxed and waned and changes to swimming venues became necessary especially as the pressure to develop still water pools increased to satisfy the need for year-round swimming. These situations were addressed by amalgamations between the men's and ladies clubs and then between the geographic clubs as their venues were destroyed by storms or fires (or both) and not rebuilt by the local councils.

One of the early amalgamations was between Brighton and Brighton Beach both Men's and Ladies Clubs to form Brighton Districts ASC and the merged club subsequently moved to the now demolished Dendy Pool at the rear of the Dendy Theatre in Church Street Middle Brighton. The Sandringham ASC had already relocated to this pool.

The desire for merging clubs to maintain at least part of their old name in the amalgamated entity often had to bow to pressure of pool owners wanting to publicise their venue and so the name "Dendy ASC" emerged from the merger of Brighton (Men's) and Ladies ASCs.

In turn the merger on 29 May 1968 of Brighton District ASC and Dendy ASC gave rise to the name "Dendy ASC Incorporating Brighton District and Sandringham ASCc".

The Dendy pool was the venue for a period in the late 1960's to the three clubs named Dendy, Brighton Districts and Dolphin ASC, despite the latter having its home pool in Toorak. Indeed they were crowded times then as all three were programmed to swim on Sunday morning and it was inevitable that something had to give to resolve the space issue and competition for new members.

The Brighton clubs resolved the issue in 1970 initially by amalgamating and adopted the name Brighton Amateur Swimming Club (Formerly Dendy Amateur Swimming Club, Incorporating Sandringham Amateur Swimming Club and Incorporating Brighton Districts Amateur Swimming Club). Then finally in 1979, after some 20 years of occupation of the Dendy pool, moved to the newly opened Lifestyle King Club pool in Sandringham Leisure Centre in Tulip Street Sandringham. This move enabled the club to revert its name to further reflect its geographic base and in recognition that the club's new venue was in the Sandringham municipality the Sandringham Brighton ASC name was created and changed to SBSC Inc following incorporation. SBSC Inc was based at the King Club pool for 20 years.

SBSC Inc resolved on 8 November 1998 to change its name to Mentone Bayside Swimming Club Inc in anticipation to the Mentone Aquatic Centre. Thus the name captures both the history and the future of the club.

Our history goes back over 100 years and incorporates swimming clubs from the Sandringham and Brighton localities. These two suburbs form a major part of the City of Bayside, and this is now part of our name.

The future is represented by our current occupation of the swimming complex at Mentone Grammar School, and the Mentone part of our name reflects our link to our new competition and training base.

The move to the Mentone Aquatic Centre was affected on 29 January 1999 and thus began another phase of competitive swimming which had its roots in the original Brighton Swimming Club formed back in 1895.

The rest is history and an exciting new club named Bayside Swimming Club is the result.