Bayside Swimming Club is monitoring the situation regarding coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and its impact on sporting clubs and sporting events, specifically how this relates to our Club and the local community

This page will be regularly updated as we add additional protocols, and obtain additional updates and information from Swimming Australia, Swimming Victoria, and the Australian Government.

Bayside Swimming Club has appointed Toni Read as the COVID-19 Safety Coordinator. Toni is responsible for all liaison between the facilities operators, coaches and committee, and will keep you all updated on changes to swimming due to changes in regulations/relaxing of safety guidelines. Toni can be contacted at



  • In line with Government Regulations, swimming pools can now reopen with a maximum of 20 people in the facility at one time and maximum of 3 swimmers per lane. The latest DHS status can be found HERE
  • Bayside Swimming Club is using this Return to Swimming checklist that sets out a range of essential business and operational actions recommended to undertake when considering our return to swimming
  • Working with our facilities provider Mentone Grammar, we have completed and agreed upon our COVID-19 Safety Plan for Stage B of the return to swimming
  • Swimming Victoria has outlined this Swimming Victoria’s Return to Play guidelines – “Return of Swimming in Club Environments” which can be found here, (under COVID-19 Return to Pool information)
  • Sport and Recreation Victoria have outlined Return To Play guidance to assist sport and recreation activities, community sport and recreation organisations as well as high performance professional sport organisations to Return To Play.



We have a number of these we need to follow as a Swimming Club, as coaches, as swimmers, and as members of a community.

A complete guide can be found HERE. This is broken down to "at home", "drop off time", "arriving at the pool", "in the pool", "pick uptime", and "what to do if you feel unwell". Please take the time to read these, and go over them with your swimmers. Education helps us all to stay safe!

A quick summary for training is:

  • Please come dressed in bathers and something easy to remove like a deck coat or robe.
  • Only pull buoys, kick boards and fins are required for week one. Please do not bring an overstuffed kit bag as you can't share any equipment and you don't need much this week!
  • Water bottles can be brought. Please ensure they have your NAME on them on a piece of tape, or a label or in big sharpies. I'll have labels and sharpies at the pool just in case.
  • No food is allowed to be consumed in the building
  • Swimmers are to be dropped at the pool just before their session. Doors will open at 5:10am and 6:25am, and at 3:50pm and 5:05pm 
  • Parents/carers are to stay in their cars at drop off and not enter the building. We do ask that parents hang around in their cars for 5minutes after start time in case your swimmer doesn't pass the temperature test
  • Swimmers will enter the building and be directed to stand 1.5m apart while they are temperature checked. Swimmers with temps of >38c will not be allowed to swim, and one of our coaches will call their carer to collect the child.
  • Each swimmer signs in on the COVID-19 register
  • Swimmers will then be directed by their coaches to a tub, where they will store their clothes, shoes etc, and then enter the pool. If you bring too much stuff with you it won't fit in the tub!
  • Swimmers are to avoid touching anything unnecessarily and will not be permitted to use the grandstands, or any Mentone Grammar equipment
  • No kit bags are to be left at the pool. The cages containing equipment are off limits
  • While in the pool try to maintain 1.5m distances when reading the board or the clock. Coaches will direct swimmers where to stand 
  • Toilets are available (just the disabled toilet), but no showers can be used and no change rooms. If you use the toilet please wash your hand thoroughly afterwards
  • After the session the swimmers will dress at the tubs, and then will be led out of the pool to the side entrance (through the kitchen) by a coach while the other wipes door handles etc to prepare for the next session. This exit takes the swimmers directly to the car park (the door is about 5m from the entry ramp) where the swimmers can be collected by carers
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance, exit, toilet and on pool deck

what you need to do if you develop symptoms

  • In line with Government Regulations, any club member who has been in contact with someone with COVID-19 must self isolate for 14 days
  • Any swimmer with Symptoms or signs of COVID-19 must not attend a pool until full recovery has taken place
  • Swimmers must see a physician and be cleared for training after being diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19
  • If you develop symptoms at the pool, you will be taken to the first aid room, where you will be given a mask to wear, and where you must wait until your parent or carer is called to collect you. 
  • The following is a useful resource for members: COVID-19 Triage Hotline