Bayside Swimming Club are continuously striving to provide our members with all of the up to date information, and build a fantastic club culture.

As part of that we're moving to include App based communication for our Squads, Parents, Coaches and Committee.

TeamApp is the platform we've chosen to use, and we urge all members to sign up to the Bayside Swimming Club Team in TeamApp ASAP after registering.

We've created a number of communication groups. Ideally parents will be in the appropriate "squad parent" group, and swimmers can join the "squad" groups. Squad and Squad Parent Groups will be used for communication about squad specific things such as training changes, upcoming meets and timekeeping. 

There are also a number of pre-populated "Chat" groups. These will grow as time goes by, and we get back into a more "normal" schedule.

We'll also be adding a selection of documents to TeamApp for your convenience. These documents will of course also be available on the Website.

If you have any problems getting into TeamApp, or are unfamiliar with Apps and need a walkthrough, please let us know via [email protected]

Always happy to help!