Some great news for Bayside Swimmers!

Toni Read

Good Morning Everyone,

It’s with great excitement that we let you know, that training will commence on TUESDAY JUNE 2nd

Bayside Swimming Club has been working feverishly in the background on a fair and equitable solution to getting our swimmers back in the water ASAP.  Thank you to everyone for all their work behind the scenes.  There have been mountains of paper work required by the Australia Government in order for us to be able to start in a safe environment for all.

Bayside Swimming Club are one of the FIRST Clubs in Australia to be back in the water!!

We're on the front foot with our planning, and here is where we’re at as a result!

Next Steps - Progress UpdateThe GOOD NEWS!

  1. Plans ready to ensure all participants and volunteers are safe and are compliant with Government and Swimming Australia - DONE
  2. Swimmers/parents to complete form confirming they are aware of COVIDSafe regulations - IN PROGRESS
  3. Form approvals collated and list of eligible swimmers made - IN PROGRESS
  4. Mentone Grammar to advise when we are allowed access to grounds - DONE
  5. Swimmers/parents briefed on Safety and Hygiene protocols, including our obligations and responsibilities to each other - COMING SATURDAY 30TH MAY - 9am
  6. Try Booking form for training session sign up - COMING SATURDAY 30th May 9am
  7. Coaches briefed on COVID Safe arrangements - BEING SCHEDULED
  8. Swimming starts back  – TUESDAY 2nd JUNE 2020

Please note that the Protocols and procedures you will receive tomorrow are made in compliance with Federal and State Government regulations, and Swimming Australia instruction. They’re not to be taken lightly, or ignored. Violation of Protocols will result in swimmers being removed from the pool facility and denied return whilst we are in this current stage of operation.

In addition, the coach has the right to refuse admission to any swimmer who presents with any symptoms. Parents/carers, PLEASE don’t send your swimmers to us with the sniffles.

If we all follow the rules during this stage of operation (Stage B of the Safety Plan), we won’t jeopardise our continued swimming. If we break the rules we risk being denied access to the pool, and possible fines. Not to mention jeopardising the health of all swimmers, parents, coaches, school students, and the broader community.

And finally, please remember that this initial phase of return is all about turning your arms over. It’s not setting targets for times, it’s not racing and sprint training, and it’s not going to be like the pre-COVID training. It’s about getting back in the water. This training needs to be taken slowly and steadily to avoid injuries to our swimmers.

Thank you all for your ongoing support and patience during these times. We really are stronger together!

Bring on June 2nd.


Belinda & the Bayside Swimming Committee