Just because you CAN doesn't mean you should...

Toni Read

Just addressing some general communication from people about swimming restarting. We're all super excited to be back today and it's wonderful to see the kid's happy faces at the pool. I just want to remind people though that we're one of the very few clubs in Australia to be back in the pool. That's a reminder that what we have as part of Bayside Swimming Club is special and is a luxury at this stage. 

Here at Bayside Swimming Club we're working hand in hand with some top-end coaches from swimming Victoria who are ADAMANT that we're to start the kids off swimming at no more than 2 sessions a week. I've been chatting to a bunch of amazing and inspirational coaches this last week (and yes...having my fan girl moments!), and they have all cautioned us (and all clubs) against hurtling into pool training again.
Just because you can doesn't mean you should!
The advice we're getting is don't risk injury, and this is backed up by statements we had to make in our Return to Swimming C19 Safety Plan. Starting back slowly as one of the first clubs in the pool in Australia will NOT be a disadvantage.  
Have a look at a couple of links to a great Gold Class Swimming article from last week, and the last webinar I attended with Swim Vic. The actual content on this one starts at about 2:13. They're both well worth looking at!