Light at the end of the COVID tunnel

Toni Read

Hi Everyone,

We have some light at the end of the COVID tunnel, we hope!

In this email we are excited to bring you details of pay-as-you-go swim squad sessions that are being offered by Engine Swim (Mentone Aquatic) at the Mentone Grammar School pool from 2 November until the end of the year. This is, of course, subject to any further changes in the Victorian Government restrictions, but we are all crossing our fingers that kids can start swimming in the MG indoor pool from 2 November.

These pay-as-you-go sessions will be coached by a mix of coaches who will be engaged by Mentone Aquatic. Among them will be some familiar faces including Toby Haenen, Andrew Lauterstein, Nick Capomolla, Robert Butcher and Laura Harney. The link for booking these sessions has just come online THIS MORNING. The sessions are not exclusively for Bayside Swimming Club members, so they could be booked out fast. There will be both morning and evening sessions on offer. The cost is $12 per session.

The focus for all of us in this next phase needs to be on getting kids back in the water, rebuilding and re-establishing routines. If there are any limitations on the number of sessions a swimmer can sign up for in a week, or if particular sessions are reserved for particular age groups, this will be managed by Mentone Aquatic. If your booked (and paid for) sessions need to be unbooked or moved, we understand that this will be possible.

At this stage it is Mentone Aquatic’s understanding that the change rooms at the pool initially won’t be able to be used, so you would need to collect your swimmer straight after a morning session to get them to School (this will hopefully change over time in response to Government requirements).    

Bookings can be made via the following try booking link

Any questions related to the pay-as-you-go program being offered by Mentone Aquatic should be directed to [email protected], from now.

The Committee of Bayside Swimming Club is continuing to work closely with Mentone Aquatic to finalise the details of our longer term partnership with them. Toby and Andrew who lead Mentone Aquatic have an ambition to be a leading swim program, and they are in the midst of finalising permanent coaching arrangements for Mentone Aquatic. We will bring these details to our Club members as soon as we can, and certainly before Christmas. We understand that the Mentone Aquatic squad framework will not commence until 2021, so you won’t be asked to sign up for squads in 2021 straight away. More information is coming soon.

We are very excited to see our swimmers back in the water!

Elouise Dunn, President of Bayside Swimming Club