Bayside Swimming Club is committed to providing an environment of fairness, respect, responsibility and safety for all. The club will ensure it meets its responsibilities legally, ethically and in full compliance with Swimming Australia and Swimming Victoria guidelines.

To this end we expect all those associated with the Club will conduct themselves appropriately at all times. The Club has fully adopted the Swimming Australia Code of Conduct for its members and service providers, especially anyone responsible for activities involving members under the age of 18 years.

We have also fully adopted the Swimming Victoria Member and Child Welfare policies.

The policies and guidelines outlined below must be adhered to by all.

This includes, but is not exclusive to;

  •     Swimmers or parents of swimmers who are under the age of 18
  •     Paid members
  •     Committee members
  •     Coaches
  •     Spectators

Breaches of these guidelines may result in sanctions including expulsion from Bayside Swimming Club.



Office Bearers

  • President - Belinda Wilson
  • Treasurer - Vaso May
  • Secretary - Toni Read

Other committee positions/members