• The aim of this squad is to improve competitive swimming technique, speed, skills and aerobic capacity.

  • All District Squad members must be ACTIVE competitors with Bayside Swimming Club (within two months of joining the squad) and participate in the scheduled swim meets in consultation with the District Squad coach.

  • Swimmers aged 10-11 are encouraged to attend four sessions with three pool required.

  • Swimmers aged 12+years OR swimmers that have been members of District Squad for at least six months are required to attend four pool sessions.


  • The Friday PM dryland session is a compulsory session.
  • *Dryland – A dryland program based on functional athletic development will be incorporated before every training session. The extended session on Friday evenings is compulsory.

  • Swimmers must maintain a MINIMUM monthly attendance of 85% and compete in all meets set by the District Squad Coach or an equal number of equivalment meets in each season. 
  • If these standards are not upheld, meetings will be conducted on a 3 monthly review basis with the Squad coach and Head coach present. 


Standard Training Schedule