National Performance Squad

Coach: Tim Mulvihill

Sessions p/w: 9 sessions (incl. 5 dryland + gym + Pilates + Yoga)


National Performance Squad Charter:


  • We will display independence and initiative in taking ownership of the journey toward achieving our goals.


  • We have a ‘team-first’ philosophy where we are committed to creating strong and meaningful connections with teammates of all ages in a fun, supportive and enjoyable environment.


  • We will work closely with our coach to establish an individualized training program that will:

           o   Enable us to enjoy our sport

           o   Be realistic yet challenging in its execution

           o   Enable us to achieve our goals and personal excellence


  • We recognize the impact of leading by example in all of our behaviours and actions.


Avaliable Training Sessions

This squad is charged per quarter, swimmers are enrolled in all sessions.