What Can You Be Doing?

It's time to put focus on what you can control. Here are a few things you should be doing while away from the pool:
  1. Set short term goals with coaches 
  2. Set a schedule and stick to it
  3. Stay connected to your coaches and teammates
  4. Stay active and encourage teammates
  5. Check out resources below
  6. Stay active!
  7. Stay up to date on school work


Swimming Videos

Use the links below to watch some great swimming videos ranging on topics from technique, races, and history. Be sure to get parent approval first.
  • Technique
    • FREE GoSwim Library Access
    • GoSwim Yotube Channel
    • The Race Club Youtube Channel
    • Fitter & Faster Youtube Channel
    • Breaking Down Backstroke
    • Breaking Down Butterfly
    • Breaking Down Breaststroke
      • Episode 2
    • Breaking Down Freestyle
      • Breaking Down Sprint Freestyle
      • Breaking Down the 500 (400 metes roughly)
    • Breaking Down Streamlines & Underwaters
    • Breaking Down Forward Starts


At-Home Fitness

Click the links below to find some workout videos to help keep you in shape while away from the pool and Vikings. The links below are free or part of a free trial.

PLEASE be sure to have ADULT supervision during any physical activities!

H2Go Fitness for Swimmers

NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS) | NSWIS launches ‘High Performance at Home’ campaign
Free online yoga for swimming https://www.swimmingspecificyoga.com/
Swimming Specific: (10-25minutes)
Non-swimming videos: (more enjoyable for girls)
There is also some apps that can be used to track fitness and share with others;
- Runkeeper by Asics, track distance runs, walks, rides without wifi needed and can share with friends  https://www.asics.com/au/en-au/mk/runkeeper
- Nike+, has some dryland/gym programs available as well as programs e.g. 6 week, 12 week. https://www.nike.com/au/ntc-app