Club Night Information

Tuggeranong Vikings Club Night.

Tuggeranong Vikings Club Nights have the following goals:

A simple schedule of events to cover all four strokes each season at least once in each distance and to encourage participation in swimming as a competitive sport;

  • To encourage swimmers to try out and swim a variety of strokes and distances;

  • To encourage team-bonding, socialization and a focus on the team aspects of the sport of swimming;

  • To enable swimmers to meet squad criteria for promotion or retention on a regular basis; and

  • To enable every club night to be used to gain official times for other swim meets and championships.

There are 8 club nights each year (4 Winter and 4 Summer). Events are classified into four different categories:

Development (25m events), Sprint (50 and 100m events) Middle Distance (200m events) and Distance (400m and above).

Each Club night rotates through the following number of events:

The 100IM and 200 IM events are included in all Club Night programs because these events are the most important events in allowing athletes to develop excellent technique in all four strokes, along with speed and endurance. Squad swimmers must enter and compete in the following before their entry will be accepted:

  • Junior Squad: 100 IM or 200IM

  • Silver and Gold Squads: 200 IM or a Distance Event

Swimmers earn points based on personal improvement at Club Night, not places. At the end of each season and the year, there are trophies awarded to the swimmer who has improved most in each stroke at Club Night. The point score for improvement at club night is as follows:

  • First time/no PB: 1 point

  • 0 – 2 sec improvement: 2 points

  • 2.01 – 5 sec improvement: 4 points

  • 5.01 – 9.99 sec improvement: 6 points

  • ≥10.00 sec improvement: 8 points.

There is a limit of four individual events per swimmer each club night.

For the 25 metre events, we ask the Referee to apply a Rules Tolerance Policy based on the Swimming Australia Junior Policy which advocates “Availability of rule tolerances in appropriate circumstances for junior swimming”.

In addition to the individual events, 4 x 50m relays will be conducted each club night.

If there is an upcoming major competition and no qualifying meet prior to it which swimmers have qualified for and have the chance to get qualifying times, time trials may be offered. No points will be earned for these swims. Time trials will be only for events not offered on the Club Night program that night. The Head Coach will advise if time trials are to be held.

Suggested Break Times and Qualifying Times

25 metre events are provided mainly for non-squad swimmers but Development Squad swimmers may do the 25 metres Breaststroke and Butterfly until they achieve the Break Time with proper technique. All TVSC squad swimmers should commence Freestyle and Backstroke events at a minimum of 50 metres.

All swimmers are encouraged to increase the distances of the events the do as they become better swimmers, however we ask that swimmers follow the suggestions below for minimum swimming times before undertaking longer distances. 







Individual Medley

Break Times for 25 metres. When achieved swimmers must move up to 50 metres.


25sec MUST swim 50m

30sec MUST swim 50m

35sec MUST swim 50m

30sec MUST swim 50m


Suggested Times for swimming longer distances. Please treat these as a guide.


50sec MAY 

swim 100m

55sec MAY 

swim 100m

1.00min MAY 

swim 100m

55sec MAY

 swim 100m



1.45min MAY 

swim 200m and 400m

1.50min MAY 

swim 200m

2.05min MAY 

swim 200m

1.55min MAY 

swim 200m

1.55min MAY

swim 200 IM


3.30 MAY swim 400m & 800m

3.00 MAY swim 1500m




3.30 MAY 

swim 400IM


The above break times should be achieved before longer distances are attempted. If a swimmer has swum the event in external competition but not at a club night, the first time the event is swum at club night the swimmer will be entered as a “No Time” and will only earn points as a “first” swim.


In line with the Junior Sport Policy of Swimming Australia, that advocates “Availability of rule tolerances in appropriate circumstances for junior swimming” TVSC has adopted a policy based on that of Swimming Queensland that has the following attributes:

  • Referees will not disqualify swimmers aged 7 years and under at any club night under any circumstances.

  • Rule tolerances will apply in at TVSC club nights in all 25-metre events.