The following code of behavior shall apply to all TVSC members participating in Squad/Team activities including training, camps, trips away, clinics and lectures.  This Code applies either for the duration of the activities or, for trips away, from the time of departure from Canberra to the time of arrival back in Canberra and covers the behavior of team members whilst away.

Code of Behaviour

  • Be a good sport at all times, in and out of the pool.  Unsporting behaviour is like cheating, it reduces the enjoyment of the sport and can lead to you being excluded by your peers.

  • Work hard at what you do.  Both you and the team will benefit if you concentrate on the tasks set, such as attending training and being at the pool early.

  • Behave in a responsible and polite way to other team members, coaches and managers.  Co-operate with coaches and team managers. Their lives are hard enough looking after you and your team members, don’t make it harder.

  • Play by the rules.  You may not agree with them, or the way they are imposed, but they apply equally to everyone.  Play for enjoyment and team pride, it is more important to play your best than to always win.

  • Behaviour that is unacceptable includes;

    • Having or consuming alcohol and/or smoking tobacco

    • Having or using banned or illegal drugs

    • Sexual activities

    • Vandalism or other criminal offences

    • Swearing or abusing others

    • Failing to inform officials or billets of whereabouts

    • Harassment or discrimination

    • Failure to comply with all timetables and curfews


Penalties for breach of the Code of Behaviour may include:

  • Being dropped from the squad or team

  • Being sent home at your parent’s expense

  • Being barred from selection for activities for a period of time

  • Facing formal charges by the police

  • Penalties will be decided by Coaches and the Committee based on the seriousness of the breach of the behaviour code.

Disciplinary process

If a breach of the code of conduct occurs, the following process will be followed;

For minor infringements  

  • In the case of a minor infringement a warning will be issued;

For continued minor or more serious infringements

  • For continued minor infringements of for more serious infringements you will be informed that a breach has occurred;

  • You will be issued with a misconduct letter;

  • You will be required to discuss the infringement with your parent/guardian, have them sign the letter and return it to the coach or official who issued it;

  • You will be given the opportunity to respond to the alleged breach;

  • Where continued minor infringements or a major breach occurs, the team manager, coach, official or committee member will report the matter to the TVSC Committee and the Committee shall have the right to impose any of the above penalties;

  • Where a continued minor breach, major breach, the matter will also be reported to the Committee and the parent/guardian will be contacted.

For criminal matters

Where a criminal matter occurs, the team manager, coach, official or committee member will refer the matter to the police