The Tuggeranong Vikings Swim Club is committed to tackling inappropriate behaviour.  All of our members are also members of Swimming NSW and Swimming Australia and are required to comply with the Swimming Australia Member Welfare and Child Welfare Policies.  A reminder that when you joined the Club you undertook to comply with these policies.

The Member Welfare and Child Welfare Policies assist in ensuring that every person involved in swimming is treated with respect and dignity, is safe and protected from abuse. The policies also aim to ensure that everyone involved in swimming is aware of their legal and ethical rights and responsibilities.  These policies apply to swimmers, parents, coaches, volunteers and technical officials.  As a guardian of a child, you are also responsible for not only ensuring that you are aware of the Club policies and codes of behaviour (details of these policies can be found on the Club website under Club Information), but that your child is also aware.

Under the policies, any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination is actionable and the policies outline the procedures to be followed under such circumstances.  It is noted that also that the Swimming Australia Code of Conduct sets out codes of conduct expected of all members and also separate codes depending on your particular role or roles in Swimming whether as parent, coach, swimmer or technical official.

As a reminder, no one should verbally abuse anyone, make racist or sexist jokes or comments, touch anyone in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable, or discriminate against or harass anyone.

Bianca Ledbrook is the Club’s Member Protection Information Officer, noting that a MPIO is only able to provide you information on your options, and will not investigate or resolve conflict.  If a swimmer, parent, coach or official feels that they have been treated in any way that does not meet with the Member Welfare or Child Welfare policies, they should contact Bianca.

Breaches of these policies can be dealt with under the Tuggeranong Vikings Swim Club Constitution and may result in disciplinary action being taken.

Links to the policies and associated information can be found below. 

Member Welfare Policy General Information and Procedures
Member Welfare Policy
Child Welfare Policy

Tuggeranong Vikings Swim Club Code of Behaviour