Kings Swim Club Coaches are knowledgeable, dedicated, passionate and fun. They care about their swimmers and delight in watching each swimmer develop and succeed in their own way, in their own time. They are experienced, highly skilled and able to help Squad Members set goals and achieve the results they are striving for. Our Coaches have high standards and expect the same in return.

Continuously developing their coaching skills and exploring the latest coaching methodologies, our Coaches are creative and innovative – enabling all Squad Members to become confident, independent and successful individuals in and out of the pool.

Our Coaches work closely across the training venues at Berwick and Dandenong to ensure consistency in approach and a cohesive coaching team for the benefit of Squad Members.


Sue was appointed head coach at Kings Swim Club in February 2021.

Sue is a results-driven swimming coach with varied experience of guiding, mentoring and developing budding athletes. Offering a strong passion for teaching and extensive knowledge of comptetitive swimming and first aid principles. Passionate about building sustainable training habits and imparting resilience in swimmers.