Kings Swim Club has Grievance Officers to handle any grievance arising from a members involvement in the activities of the
Club including actions by another member, officer or employee of the Club

Club Grievance Officers are appointed each year at the AGM at Narre Warren and Frankston and can be contacted directly and discreetly via email at [email protected].

Grievances must be submitted in writing via email, addressed clearly to the Club Grievance Officer and marked “Private and Confidential”.

In summary and in accordance with Kings Swim Club Constitution:

  1. Any grievances received by the Grievance Officer shall, as as soon as practicable, discuss the grievance with the aggrieved party.
  2. The Club Grievance Officer may take whatever steps and conduct whatever investigations necessary to determine whether a grievance is legitimate. 
  3. Where the Club Grievance Officer determines that the grievance is legitimate he/she shall take all necessary steps to resolve the grievance. He may recommend to the Committee what he considers an appropriate action. 
  4. Where the Club Grievance Officer determines that the grievance is not legitimate he shall advise the aggrieved party accordingly in writing. If the aggrieved party is not satisfied with the Club Grievance Officer’s determination they may appeal to the Club Committee.
  5. Where the Club Grievance Officer is unable to resolve a grievance or considers the grievance of a very serious nature he shall report the grievance to the Secretary and/or the Committee.
  6. All grievances received by the Club Grievance Officer, and all information surrounding the circumstances of a grievance which is discovered by the Club Grievance Officer on investigation shall be confidential and may only be communicated to the Secretary and/or the Committee.
  7. Procedures by a Grievance Officer In investigating a grievance and/or determining its legitimacy, the Club Grievance Officer shall observe the rules of natural justice.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]