Training Fees


Monthly training fees cover coaches salaries, lane hire and other wet area expenses.

These fees are administered through KingSwim on behalf of Kings Swim Club via direct debit. Direct Debit Authorisation Forms can be collected from any KingSwim Learning to Swim Centre and must be returned to KingSwim - not Kings Swim Club.

All payments are processed on the 15th of each month. Training fees must be paid up to date at all times for a Squad Member to continue training. If a direct debit payment is dishonoured, all bank fees and charges incurred will be passed on.

Fees vary for each squad (effective 29 April 2019):

  • Bronze = $135.00 per month (3 sessions per week)
  • Silver = $145.00 per month (4 sessions per week)
  • Gold = $170.00 per month (5-6 sessions per week)

We also offer a Silver Fitness (2 sessions per week) option to existing Squad Members for $102.50 per month. This options is designed to support our Squad Members through VCE committments or injury rehablitation and is not available to new Squad Members. Squad Members must discuss this with the Head Coach.

If you have any questions regarding training fees, please contact