The goals of good nutrition are simple – maintain good health, optimize performance, ensure adequate growth and development occurs, and continue to enjoy sport by maintaining energy levels and staying well hydrated.

If you are wondering what nutritional requirements a swimmer needs, Gary Barclay and Megan McDonald have written an eBook titled “Nutrition for Swimmers” which has information to assist a swimmer in understanding the nutrition and hydration requirements in their day to day life. It covers all facets of training and competition and the associated food and fluid required.

This eBook covers:

  • What you should be eating before and after training sessions
  • What the best snacks are to eat after training
  • The right food to take to competitions
  • Why a swimmers day-to-day diet is so important
  • What a swimmer should eat the night before a big competition
  • When a sports specific nutritional diet should be introduced to a swimmer
  • Why staying hydrated is so important for training and competitions

More information about the eBook “Nutrition for Swimmers” can be found at

You can also read this article from Sports Dietitians Australia or this article from Swimming World Magazine.