Swimming is a sport that requires a great deal of flexibility in order to achieve success and assist in the prevention of injuries. Your Coaches try to ensure you are improving your flexibility by including stretching requirements before and sometimes during training sessions.

Improving flexibility assists in developing a greater range of motion in joints and muscles, allowing you to move through the technical requirements of each stroke with more freedom, and as a result, more power. In addition, increased flexibility and range of motion can assist in reducing the likelihood of overuse injuries which are often due to the repetitive nature of swimming.

Come early and stretch! No matter how often your Coach reminds you of the importance of stretching, the chances of you remembering to do it at home are slim. The expectation that you stretch before training means your Coach knows you are getting the benefits of increased flexibility and improved range of motion on a regular basis. Your Coach is at the pool before training and ready to help you get the most out of your stretching!

Getting to training early and taking time to stretch has many benefits including:

  • gentle stretching and muscle activation allows your muscles to warm up before you get in the pool
  • the opportunity to have your stretching technique checked by your Coach before training and any questions answered
  • being prepared and ready to start your training session on time
  • the chance to catch up with your friends before the training session starts

Generally, the best time to stretch to gain maximum improvement in your flexibility is after your muscles have warmed up. That’s means AFTER training is the perfect time to stretch. However, there are many reasons to stretch BEFORE training - which is why we expect squad members to come early and stretch before training. Always make sure you listen to your body when stretching and don’t push your muscles too far and cause injury.

Full Body Stretch (BEFORE Swimming)

Full body Stretch BEFORE Swimming
18 mins


Recovery Class 1
23 mins
Recovery Class 2
22 mins
Recovery Class 3
23 mins
Recovery Class 4
46 mins

All Squad Members are welcome to stay back AFTER training to stretch. Or you can stretch as soon as you get home – before your muscles have cooled down. Stretching AFTER training is an extra. Squad Members are expected to always stretch BEFORE training, every time.

Read more about stretching on Swimming Australia. You can also download the Swimming Australia Dryland Exercises poster (PDF)

If you have any other questions about stretching, speak your Coach.